T-120-Ranthambore Fight between two tigers over the territory in Ranthambore, Tiger T-120 injured
Tiger T120 in Ranthambore National Park

In the Ranthambore National Park located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, there is a fight between the tigers over the area. The latest example of this was seen by the forest officials on Friday night, when the male tiger T 120 and another tiger came face to face over the area. Apart from this, the situation of fighting over the area is also being seen among the tigresses.

Clashes broke out in Jogi Mahal forest area

According to the Forest Department, there was a clash between two tigers on Friday night in the Jogi Mahal forest area of Ranthambore National Park. The forest guards heard the sound of tigers fighting in the night. Tiger T 120 got injured in this clash. The tiger has suffered an injury on the front left leg.

Tiger T-120 injured for the third time in a month

In the last one month, Tiger T-120 has been injured thrice in mutual conflict. In the past, the tiger had a leg injury. After this a wound was seen on the back of the tiger near the spinal cord. After this the forest department team tranquilized the tiger and treated it. Now once again the concern of the Forest Department has increased due to the injury of Tiger T-120.

Fears of conflict with male Tiger T-101

Forest officials of Ranthambore National Park said that the movement of Tiger T101 was also around Jogi Mahal on Friday evening. In such a situation, the possibility of conflict over the area between Tiger 101 and T 120 cannot be ruled out.

Tiger T120 was seen in Rajbagh and Padam Talab forest area in Zone 3 on Sunday. At the same time, the movement of Tiger T101 remained in the Khemcha Kund forest area located in Zone 2.

Daughter (Riddhi T 124) Chassed Mother (Arrowhead T 84)

In Ranthambore National Park, not only are the tigers fighting over the area, but there is also a clash between the tigresses over the area.

On Friday evening, the movement of Tiger T 120 was towards Rajbagh forest area of Ranthambore. There is usually movement of tigress Riddhi aka T 124 in this area. But suddenly on Friday evening, Tigress Arrowhead aka T 84, the mother of tigress Riddhi, also reached there. Seeing her mother in her area, tigress Riddhi got excited and for a long time the mother and daughter sat opposite each other.

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After this, the tigress Riddhi suddenly got up and started chasing the mother arrowhead. After this the tigress Arrowhead moved towards Kamal Dhar forest area which is located in Zone 2 of Ranthambore National Park. However, during this, daughter Riddhi also kept following the mother.

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