Number of Tiger increased in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park tiger population is increased. Tigress T-79's cub was captured in camera Trap. It is good news for wildlife lover and wildlife photographer that Tigers populations are growing in Ranthambore Tiger reserve. Recently the tigress T-79 has given birth to the cubs in Ranthambore. According to the Forest officer Mr. Daulat Singh – There is a photograph of cub in the camera trap at the Pandya ki Taal of Phalodi range, Kanduli terrain in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The Number of cubs may be more than one. She has given birth for the first time.

Mr. Singh told that village wildlife watcher had reported to getting Pug mark in the area, after this the forest department had installed camera traps in the area. After the photograph of the cub in Camera trap, the area is being strictly monitored by the forest department. This Tigress T-79 is the daughter of Tigress T-13, she is the old sultanpur Mother and at present she has her territory in zone No.10 of the tiger reserve and sharing her territory with T-42 (Fateh) 

Ranthambore is known for its good number of tigers around the world. Today, it is one of the most famous Tiger Reserves in the country. Ranthambore National Park area, declared in 1980, and it is spread over 392 square kilometers today, and nearby this area Mansingh Sanctuary and Kaila Devi Sanctuary is located. Up to two month ago, the number of tigers was 62. Now from the birth of new cubs, their knees have increased. Where the number of tigers is decreasing in the world, on the other side Tiger population is growing rapidly in Ranthambhore. The number of growing tigers in Ranthambore, it has kept wildlife experts in surprise. With the natural ambiance of Ranthambore, the number of tigers has also increased here due to the Central and State Government's efforts and tiger conservation programs.

Founded by the Indian government in the year 1955 as the Sawai Madhopur Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park is a favorite place for wildlife lovers across the country and the world. It was declared Tiger Reserve area under Project Tiger started by the Government of India in 1973. Ranthambore was declared the National Park by the Government of India in 1980. Today, thousands of tourists from India and abroad come here daily to explore wildlife.

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