A Pair of Rare Wild Cat Species Caracal Appeared in Ranthambore National Park

Recently, a pair of Caracal Cat was captured in a photo trap camera on the outskirts of Talada Range in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. A medium sized wild cat pair known as Caracal.

The stagnation of tourism in India's wildlife sanctuaries has helped in the independence of wildlife. Due to the lockdown, peace has been established not only in Ranthambore, but in all other national parks, sanctuaries and tiger reserves in India.

These days, due to the coronavirus Covid -19 epidemic, tourism is not only closed in the country but also in Ranthambore National Park, so rare species of wildlife have started appearing in Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, tourism has also been banned on Sariska Tiger Reserve and Jhalana Leopard Safari.

Recently, a pair of Caracal Cat was captured in a photo trap camera on the outskirts of Ranthambore Talada Range. A medium-sized wild cat pair known as Caracal was spotted in the Talda range at 5.59 pm on Tuesday. It is of shy nature, nocturnal, elusive and barely visible cat family in the forest. In a rare scene, a pair of elusive Caracal was captured in a forest trap camera in Ranthambore Tiger reserve.

Caracal is a wild cat and is a rare species of the cat family. Caracal is rarely seen in the Forests of India, but a glimpse of this cat can sometimes be seen in the Ranthambore National Park Jungle Safari. Caracal is a medium-sized wild cat, native to Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and India, listed as a threatened species in the IUCN Red List.

Apart from tigers, Ranthambore National Park has a movement of wildlife including leopards, Jackal, Deer, wild boar, sloth bear etc. But due to the lockdown, human intervention has stopped here since then such wildlife have also been seen whose presence is considered very rare here.

Seven species of cats are found in the forests of Ranthambore National Park, one of them is also a Caracal. The Caracal cat is called Siyagosh in the local language. This rare cat is about three times the height of an ordinary cat. This cat jumps like a spring. Forest officials said that this caracal cat jumps from under the tree and hunts peacocks and other birds sitting on the tree. The favorite prey of this cat is peacock. Hence it is also known as "Mor Baghedi" in the villages.

ACF of Ranthambore Tiger Project, Mr. Arvind Kumar Jha said that the number of this rare species of cat in Ranthambore is around thirty. It is seen in Ranthambore Safari Zone nine, Talera, Khandar, Bhid , Dangarwada and other areas of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. This time, after a long time, a pair of Caracal is captured on a photo trap camera.

Wildlife experts say the entry of tourists to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is prohibited due to the coronavirus lockdown. In such a situation, after the stoppage of safari jeep and canters for the jungle safari in Ranthambore National park, such wildlife are seen here which are considered very rare. The name of Caracal is also included in these rare cat species. The number of caracal in India is considered to be very low. In such a situation, it is good news to see a pair of Caracal in Ranthambore.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021