Tiger T-78 is also missing from the track of forest department in Ranthambore

Ranthmbore Tiger Reserve

Tiger T-78 has also been missing in Ranthambore National Park, the worry of forest department increased. Tigers are missing one after the other in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and the department is unable to detect tigers. In the month of April, in the Aawand area, the death of two cubs are not solved, in the last days, the report of the missing of Tiger T-77 was reported from the Aawand area of the Phalodi Range. Forest Department is not even aware of T-77, now that the information about the missing of the male Tiger T-78 is coming from the area around Zone 10 in Ranthambore. With the disappearance of another tiger from Ranthambore, the worries of the forest department have increased.

Story of Tiger T-78

T-78 is the male cubs of Tigress T-13. This Tiger area was in Zone 10's Jhojeshwar, Aawand forest area and the area around it. Before 2014, Tigress T13 had made her territory in zone 10 of Ranthambore. After this, in 2014, Tigress T-13 did mating with Tiger T-43. From this, the Tigress T-13 gave birth to three cubs. Of these, the male tiger T-78 is also one.

Number given in 2016, Cubs of T-13

In Ranthambore, Tigress T-13 has given birth to five offspring. In 2008, the territory of the Tigress T13 was zone 6 in Ranthambore National Park. During this, she did mating with Tiger T-12. After this, in 2008 itself, Tiger T-12 was shifted to Sariska Tiger Reserve. After transferring male tiger T-12 to Sariska, the Tiger T-13 gave birth to two cubs, who died later. After this, the tigress gave birth to three more cubs in zone 10 of Ranthambore.

Missing for four months

According to information received from the forest department, Tiger T-78 is not seen in Ranthambore for four months. Although the forest department is not confirming the missing of the tiger or going to another sanctuary, but the worries of the forest department have increased due to the tiger's lack of sight. Efforts are being made to track the tiger by the forest department.

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