Tigress T-93 spotted with 3 cubs in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T-93 with her three cubs in Ranthambore

On Wednesday 15 June 2022, once again good news has come in Ranthambore National Park. This time tigress T-93 has given good news. Tigress T93 spotted with three small cubs in Ranthambore National Park. Tigress T 93 has been captured with three cubs in the photo trap cameras of the Forest Department in the Khandar range of Ranthambore.

In the Khandar range, all four are seen in the photo trap cameras of the Forest Department, in which the cubs are wrapped by their mother. Now the forest department has increased surveillance. In such a situation, once again there is a wave of happiness among wildlife lovers.

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Forest officials said that the cubs caught on camera with the tigress are about two months old. At the same time, monitoring has been increased by the Forest Department in the concerned area after the tigress was caught on camera with the cubs.

Tigress T 93 became mother for the second time

This is the second litter of Tigress T 93. Tigress T-93 is the daughter of Tigress T-63. The age of tigress T 93 is about six years. Earlier in April 2020, the tigress gave birth to one male and two female cubs in her first litter. They were given T132, T133 and T134 numbers by the Forest Department. Tigress T 93 roams in the non-tourism zone of Ranthambore.

The number of tigers reached 82

After being captured in photo trap cameras with three cubs of tigress T-93, now the figure of tiger, tigress and cubs in Ranthambore has reached 80. It has 24 tigers, 24 tigresses and 34 cubs. Significantly, Ranthambore is the tiger reserve of the largest number of tigers in Rajasthan. It is followed by Sariska in second place. 

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