Tigress T84 Arrowhead Gave Birth to Two Cubs in Ranthambore

Tigress T84 Arrowhead in Ranthambore National Park

This is good News for Tiger lover and wildlife enthusiast. Queen of the Ranthambore, Tigress T84 Arrowhead gave birth to two cubs and she was seen with two newborn cubs in Ranthambore National Park. With this news, Ranthambhore again rejoiced in the wave of happiness.

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, tourists have seen two new cubs in the afternoon jungle safari shift in Ranthambore National Park. During the Jungle Safari in Ranthambore, the tourists also took photographs of the teeny cubs. Forest officials said that two newborn cubs with Tigress Arrowhead appeared in Zone 2 of Ranthambore National park. These cubs were seen at zone number 2, near the Perni Water-hole of Jhalra in Naal Ghati forest area. These cubs were seen by tourists and forest officials at 4 o'clock in the evening, when Tigress Arrowhead T 84 was feeding milk her newborn cubs and she was also caressing her with tongue.

Tigress T84 Arrowhead newborn cubs in Ranthambore
Arrowhead cubs in Ranthambhore National Park

The tourists got stunned by this amazing tiger sighting in Ranthambore National Park. Forest officials said that the cubs are just small. It is estimated that these puny tiger cubs were born about ten day's ago. Wildlife experts are also surprised to see such tiny cubs with tigress in Ranthambore. It is very rare to see ten-day tiger cubs in wild life, but this is the first time in Ranthambore. Such a sight in wildlife nature is very rare that within 10 days of giving birth, the tigress takes out its cubs, and tourists also become their witnesses, but for the first time in the history of the Ranthambore National Park, such a scene has appeared. The forest officials say that such a thing has never happened in Ranthambore that the cubs of the tigress have appeared so soon after birth. Forest officials also say that whenever the tigress gives birth to the cubs, she keeps them concealed for about two and a half months after birth and the tigress's cubs are often seen in the three to four months after birth. By then the cubs also start jumping.

According to experts, Tigress Arrowhead T84 used to live together with male tiger T86. This male tiger has variance in the Ama Ghati area of Ranthambore. It is believed that the father of the cubs can be T86. This tigress is part of the family tree of the Ranthambore's famous Tigress Machli. The daughter of the Machli (T16) is T19 Krishna and T-19 aka Krishna's daughter is T84 arrowhead. This tigress T84 aka Arrowhead has given birth to two cubs and has become a mother for the first time. In this way, the number of tigers associated with the Machli family tree has increased from 50 to 52.

Arrowhead aka T-84 is one of the main tigress of Ranthambore, which frequently marks her territory around zone 3, 4, 5 of the Ranthambore National Park and sometimes she has been seen in parts of Zone 1 and 2 of Ranthambhore National Park. She is also known as Ranthambore's queen. If everything goes well, then the glory of Zone 03 would be come back again. According to forest officials, there are about 70 tiger in the Ranthambore Reserve.

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