In pictures: Actress Dia Mirza Captured the Beauty of Ranthambore National Park

Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza Wildlife Photography in Ranthambhore National Park

Recently Bollywood's famous actress Dia Mirza visited Ranthambore. Actress Dia Mirza, who played the role of Manyata Dutt in the Bollywood super hit film "Sanju", arrived in Sawai Madhopur on Friday, July 19, 2019. She stayed at a 5 Star Hotel in Ranthambore.

Dia Mirza had visited Zone 6 of Ranthambore Natioal Park in morning safari shift with colleagues and her family members. They saw the Tiger T 109 during a jungle safari in Zone 6 of Ranthambore. Dia Mirza and her companions were very happy to see Tiger in his natural habitat.

Significantly, Dia Mirza is also the brand ambassador of an organization "Wild Life Trust of India". This organization is situated in Delhi. Bollywood actress Dia Mirza was on a Ranthambore tour with her family members and the director of "Wildlife Trust of India".

From Dia Mirza's pen ……….

Dia Mirza writes in a blog that my love for wildlife and nature has only increased over the years. So I wanted to share the photography of some wildlife that I recently captured during my visit to Wild India. I believe that the best relief from the chaos of the city is to spend time with nature and observe wildlife.

John Muir states that …..

"In every walk with nature, one gets more than he wants."

She further writes in her blog that I try to reinforce the importance of preserving wildlife and their habitats to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Because we cannot expect to achieve the desired goodness and progress of humanity without the ecological balance that it provides and nourishes our lives. She writes that through my association with prestigious organizations like the Wildlife Trust of India and Sanctuary Asia, I try to involve more people in wildlife conservation.

So while engaging my inner photographer, I captured these pictures in the famous Ranthambore National Park.

I hope these pictures call out to you just as they do for me! Go into the jungle and awaken to this incredible life, breathing, planet – deep connection shared with all living beings on Earth.

About the wildlife photography

Tigers are known to represent forest water. India is facing big challenges like water scarcity. Droughts and floods often occur in India. Ground water is expected to be loosened by 2020, in 21 major cities of India including New Delhi. In summer, many cities in India are already dependent on water tankers. It is important for us to showcase the tiger forest through invaluable tasks. Tiger forests serve as natural infrastructures which are the providers of water, sequestration of carbon, regulators of climate, providers of health, economic engines of growth and prosperity.

A peacock spotted in Ranthambore National Park.(Image Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Nothing compares to the magnificent gaze of a tiger in Ranthambore (Image Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Dia Mirza and her love for photography.(Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Peacock dancing in Ranthambore National Park (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Monitor Lizard in Ranthambore National Park (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Dia Mirza Ranthambore visit with nature guide Salim Ali
Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza in Ranthambore National Park (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Indian Gazelle or Chinkara in Ranthambore National Park. (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Dia Mirza embraces the beauty of nature in Ranthambore. (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Birds are an integral part of the forest ecosystem. (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Dia Mirza channels her inner photographer. (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Langur : Even in the animal kingdom, the parent-child relationship is the strongest (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)
Bird : A rare scene from the forests of Ranthambore. (Photo Courtesy: Dia Mirza)

Dia Mirza is also known as a clean and green environmental activist. Last year, Dia Mirza and her team also released a wild anthem on August 12, 2018, during the World Elephant Day "Gaj Mahotsav" in New Delhi. The wild anthem of India launched by Dia Mirza is titled "MERE DESH KI ZAMEEN". It is considered India's first wild anthem with a mission to save wildlife and their habitat in India.

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