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Ranthambore National Park Nature Guides are lifeline of the Ranthambore National Park which is also represents Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Forest Department has 192 registered guides (Including 140 Nature Guides and 52 EDC "Eco Development and conservation" Guides) in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. A majority of the park's registered guides are honestly dependents on Park for their livelihood. All guides belong from the local families of Ranthambore and around the areas. All Guides are trained and have been selected by the Forest Department. Only local people of the Ranthambore have been chosen by the Forest Department for the safari guides employment. So that Forest department can raise awareness of the wildlife in locals and Ranthambore Forest can be protected through the employment.

Ranthambore Nature Guide

 All are qualified for safari guide in Ranthambore but some of them are well educated and have good knowledge of the Park and English language and some of them are weak as per tourist's feedback. Guide and driver are assigned by the Forest Department according to the roster system at the time of collecting boarding pass of the safari. Mostly tourists expect a proficient safari guide during their safari tour in Ranthambore, but some of these guides do not come on their criterion. That is why to carry a good expert guide into the safari, there is choose system of the guide in the Ranthambore Forest department, under this system tourist can pay extra guide fees to choose expert Nature guide or your choice guide for Jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park.

Ranthambore Nature guide Training programme
Ranthambore Nature guide Training programme

Nature guides are allotted in zone 1 to 5, while EDC guides are allocated in zone 6 to 10 by the Forest department in Ranthambore Tiger reserve, but a nature guide can be chosen as per your choice in any zone from 1 to 10, while the EDC guide is assigned only in zones 6 to 10 by the Forest department.

Although all Safari Guides in Ranthambore are good and they are expert in their fields and job. They strive enough to provide correct knowledge of wildlife during jungle safari and they do best try to find tiger in the wild with details about flora and fauna. Yes… it is materially that some safari guides are weak in English language that is why they can not satisfy the foreigner tourists because of language, while they try to speak English and work hard to ensure! Therefore, we should maintain understanding with guide and driver during safari. We should encourage of the safari guide because they came out in a rural area of the Ranthambore and tries to communicate with you in English language. We must follow wildlife instruction which is specified by the safari guide and should listen silently, Sound and patience play main role to find Tiger and other animals in the forest. However tiger sighting in the wild is depend on luck and matter of chance and every safari zone have tiger territory in Ranthambore. 

Ranthambore Safari with guide
Jungle safari in Ranthambore

If you are expecting a good expert guide in your jungle safari tour in Ranthambore, you have to pay an additional guide fee to the Forest Department and you can choose the choice or expert Nature Guide. Your Ranthambore safari nature guide will be pleasant and personable. He will have conversational English and he will be able to correctly identify almost all species of animals and birds in Ranthambore with an excellent knowledge of the wildlife and their behavior. The depth and breadth of his/her wildlife information will considerably enrich your Jungle safari experience in Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore guides and naturalist are the best in their respective field, to make your vacation a more memorable one.

Best time to Visit – According to the weather, best time to visit in Ranthambore will be from October to February end. But if your wildlife enthusiast and fond of the wildlife photography then March to June would be best time to visit wildlife in Ranthambore when there is less traffic and hot weather is more favorable to spot tigers and other wild animals in Ranthambore National Park.

Safari Timings – There are two popular safaris timings in Ranthambore, One early Moring around 6.30 am and second late afternoon around 2.30pm, Both time is good for wildlife viewing. There is better chance to see tigers and other wild animals at early morning and late evening.

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Wildlife Census in Ranthambore National Park


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