Full Day Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park

News Update on 23 August 2022 : Half day and full day safaris have been stopped in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National park is one of the best places in Rajasthan to see Tiger in India. It may be a surprise for wildlife lovers because full day jungle safaris are being planned in Tiger paradise Ranthambore National Park. It is new step for Tiger tourism promotion by the State Forest Department. As per the source the entire day Ranthambore jungle safari for tourists has been proposed by the Rajasthan Forest Department. Jungle Safari in Ranthambore are conducted twice a day time across ten tourism safari zones which is made and designed by Forest Department. At present, jungle safaris in the morning for 3 hours starts early and second one also for three hours which starts in late afternoon in Ranthambore National Park. But according to this full day safari proposal, tourist could move around in any safari zone for entire day by paying heavy jungle safari fees in Ranthambore National Park. The whole day jungle safari fees will be higher than three hours jungle safari fees in Ranthambore National Park.

According to the proposal, Tourist will be allowed inside the Tiger Reserve as per their half and full day jungle safari tour by the Forest department policy. For this, different jungle safari tickets will be fixed by the Forest department. Half and full day hire of a Jeep safari might be tentatively up to 20 to 40 thousand rupees in Ranthambore National park. In which the tourists will be able to enter the Forest before 15 minutes to sunrise or entry time and after full day jungle safari, tourists will be out of the park 15 minutes after sunset or post exit time.

Currently, there are two time jungle safari shift in Ranthambore and each has 3 hours for visit. In which jungle safari vehicles are defined for three hours in allocated zone in Ranthambore. But under the new system, by paying heavy fee wildlife enthusiast and photographers could move in any zone the entire day of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and for this , number of tourists and safari vehicles will be also determined.

Wildlife experts have expressed resentment on this decision by the Forest department, ahead saying that Tiger Reserves have been created for Tiger protection and conservation and department should follow NTCA rules and not permit whole day safari as it shall be disturbing for the Tigers and wildlife and even their freedom would be in jeopardy. Some wildlife fancier does not consent to keep the park full day for Jungle safari in Ranthambore national Park. They says that wild animals are active only in the early morning and late evening, during the day while it is hot for animals and they set out to rest in the shelter and are not that active , so serious wildlife tourist will not visit to the park at noonday. When they are spending so much money they will want to take some good pictures and see the animals being active, not just sleeping." Other wildlife activists said that it contravenes the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) guidelines issued to states on directions from the apex court.

 Although this is not a final decision and being told that, outside the park core area, night safari plan is also being prepared in Ranthambore Tiger reserve. Others are convinced that night safaris in Ranthambore are deleterious for wildlife. "If tourists go into the forest for night jungle safari with lights and all that, it will definitely harm and disturb the animals," and they believe that the state government is unlikely to clear the proposal.

Photo courtesy: Wasim Akhtar

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