About the Guidelines for Safe Travel to Ranthambore National Park during COVID-19

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Is it safe to plan a trip to Ranthambore during the Covid 19 pandemic?

Know whether vacation planning in Ranthambore during coronavirus covid-19 is safe or not. Find out the security measures taken by the hotels in the 2020 guidelines by the Ranthambore National Park and Forest Ministry.

With strategic unlocking during the Covid 19 pandemic in India, tourist destinations, temples and national parks have begun to open in many states, including Rajasthan. After the opening of the main popular holiday destinations in India, Ranthambore National Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations and wildlife sanctuaries in India, attracting millions of wildlife lovers every year.

According to a recent announcement, Ranthambore National Park officials will soon start taking online bookings for wildlife safaris. If you are concerned about the Ranthambore travel plan and the safety and hygiene of jungle safari, then through this article we are putting here some facts before you why planning to visit Ranthambore National Park is safe.

Good sanitation measures in hotels located around Ranthambore National Park

Although Ranthambore hotels and restaurants were allowed to open to guests from 8 June 2020, only a few hotels were open to guests due to the off season and monsoon season. But from October 1, all the safari zones (1 to 10) of Ranthambore Park are opened for tourists. Here let us tell you that Ranthambore Safari Zones 6 to 10 is open for tourists during the monsoon season.

Keeping in mind the Covid 19 epidemic, the state and central government have issued protocols and guidelines to all hotels and tour operators in which all hotels will follow all the protocols and guidelines introduced by the government keeping in mind the safety of their guests. Under these guidelines, the hotel management will take special measures to maintain cleanliness inside the hotel premises.

As per the guidelines, hotels will ensure regular health check-ups of their employees, place sanitizers at all important points in the hotel premises, put on masks and maintain social distance.

A prior guideline was issued by the Forest Ministry on 5 June 2020, in which Safari Zones 1 to 5 of Ranthambore National Park were opened some time from 8 June 2020. Through these guidelines, we can get a fair idea about the measures taken by the park authority.

Guidelines for safe travel plan for Ranthambore

In June 2020, the guidelines given by the Forest Ministry states that –

  • Testing of all eco-tourists, drivers and guides for temperature using contactless thermometers shall be carried out at the entry point. In case any individual has a temperature higher than normal, he/she shall be immediately isolated in a dedicated room identified for this purpose and evacuated to me nearest health facility by team and vehicle kept for the same.
  • All visitors including drivers and guides shall ensure use of masks and face shields, and every vehicle shall have provision for a sanitizer which shall be used at the time of boarding/de-boarding/whenever required.
  • Vehicle tyre bath with appropriate disinfectant shall be installed at all entry points.
  • Persons 10 years and below and 65 years and above shall not be permitted for which tiger reserve authorities need to check suitable documents, which need to be apprised a prior.
  • To ensure social distancing, seating capacity should be reduced by 50% in vehicles.
  • Lavatory facilities at and entry and exit points need to be ensured as no tourist shall be allowed to disembark within the tiger reserve.

These guidelines have ensured that the risk of spreading COVID-19 is minimized and safe jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park. Therefore, you can be sure that following the same or even better guidelines when the National Park opens in October 2020, a trip to Ranthambore can be quite safe. 

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Thursday, 01 October 2020