India’s Most Famous Tigress “Machhli” Died in Ranthambore

India's most famous tigress Queen of Ranthambhore "Machhali" alias T-16 passed away at 9:50am on Thursday, August 18, 2016. She was found dead in a densely forested patch near a luxury resort at fringe of the Ranthambhore National Park that was last territory of her life. This forest area is known as Aama Ghati in Ranthambore. The news has shocked Tiger fans around the world.

Machli was the longest surviving Tigress in the Ranthambore National Park and she had crossed the age of 19. Legendary Ranthambore tigress 'Machhli' is one of the most photographed Tigers in the world. Over the years, not only from India but also from every corner of the world, thousands of tourists came to Ranthambhore for her photography.

She is fondly known "Queen of the Ranthambhore" and "Lady of the Lake" in worldwide. In addition, she is hailed as the great mother, the Tiger Angel, the Legend, the Tiger ambassador, the icon of beauty and most graceful cat. Machali had been one of the star attractions among the tigers due to her apparently tranquil personality and proclivity for posing for cameras.

Queen of the Ranthambore "Machhli" was ill for several days and she was being sighted near a Luxury resort in Ranthambore. She was starving and was not able to eat anything. However, she was being monitored by Forest department of Rajasthan. As she had reached the final stages of age and for seven years Forest Department was providing her baits, she would have died a long time ago. She ate her last meal four days before death when she was semi conscious and she had eaten 2 kg of meat which was provided by the Forest Department. But on Friday morning Machli took her last breath and the eyes of tiger lovers were moist. Her death has made headlines of news paper in India.

Machli was indeed a very special Tiger in the world. Machli contributed to increase Tiger population in Sariska Tiger Reserve also. According to the Forest department in 1996, Machhli was born at Bakhola area in Ranthambhore National Park. This Tigress has given birth to twelve offspring in the last twenty years. But once, her three cubs died during the delivery but the remaining nine progeny are variance in Ranthambore. She gave birth to nine cubs in four litters between 2000 and 2008.

First litter in 1999 – 2 Cubs (Broken tail and Slant Ear)
Second litter in 2002 – 2 Cubs ( Jhumru aka T-20 and Jhumri)
Third litter in 2004 – 2 Cubs ( Bahadur aka T-3 and Babli aka T-1)
Fourth litter in 2006 – 3 Cubs ( Sundri aka T-17 , T-18 and Krishna aka T-19)

The daughters of Machhli extended dynasty in Ranthambore National Park

Krishna (T-19) she gave birth to six cubs including T-63, T-64,T-65,T-83,T-84 and T-85
Sundri (T-17) she gave birth to three cubs including T-73, T-74 and T-75
Babli (T-1) she was sent to Sariska Tiger reserve by Forest department of Rajasthan. There she is known as ST-2 and there she gave birth to four cubs.

Offspring of Machhli details source Hindi News paper Rajasthan Patrika

 Machhli was known the oldest surviving wild tigress in the world. Machli is a hindi word and use for fish, She was named Machhli due to a fish shape mark on her face. Machhli was a valiant tigress in her younger days. It is well-known and memorable wildlife encounter in the life of the Machhli when she fought with a 14 foot long marsh crocodile and finally killed him, In June 2003. Thus it earned her a new nickname, " crocodile killer". This rare wild incident drew the attention of millions visitors but she has lost a couple of canine teeth in this historical fight and making it difficult for her to hunt. She was lost sight in one of her eyes also. After this event Machli has become a largest and best advertisement for tiger conservation. In 2009, she was honored for lifetime achievement by Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT). Machhli is the mother of about 50% offspring in ranthambhore. We feel deeply sad at the loss of the ideal mother of Tigers in Ranthambore.

After the goodbye of Machli from the wild world, her granddaughter (daughter of Sundari) will handle the kingdom of granny. Yes…. It is expected to be made Tigress T-73 will be the successor of Lady of the lake.

#RIP Machhli…

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