Tiger Territory in every zone of Ranthambore National Park

Tiger Territory and their sightings in every zone of Ranthambore National Park:

Ranthambore sanctuary, which is began on the new tourist season from 1st October 2016, now around 15 days have passed. There are good tiger sightings at almost all safari zones. Every day Tiger sightings on the rough zones, all tourist and those associated with tourism trade are happy.

Ranthambore sanctuary is divided basically 10 Safari zone by Forest department, Government of Rajasthan. There are limited numbers of safari vehicles are allowed inside the Park on every safari route during each slot, so that safari vehicles including Gypsy and Canters are distributed evenly throughout the park and can control on overcrowding in safari zones with higher sighting probability. According to the old system, there were five of them in core zones, and five were in buffer zones. But all routes are now in the core zone and this area is Critical Tiger Habitat (CTH). Although preferred safari zone can be chosen 90 days before of safari date. Ninety days after the opening of safari booking, Favorite zone remains subject to availability. Jeep safari in Ranthambore remains always subject to availability on preferred safari zone. 

Tiger in Ranthambore National Park

All tourist safari zones are best and have scenic wildlife viewing in Ranthambore National Park. These all safari zones are designed and managed by Forest Department of Rajasthan. Each safari zone in Ranthambore has 'big cats' the Tiger (Panthera tigris) population and their territory. Tiger is an instantly recognizable wild animal and iconic symbol of wildlife protection. However, tigers are elusive and shamefaced animals and tiger sighting in the forest depend on purely luck followed by patience and persistence and it is matter of chance. It also depends on last sighting in the area, weather, territory specifications and warning calls of other animals etc.

Tiger T8 at Zone No.8 in Ranthambhore

Jungle safari in Ranthambore is not just for a Tigers but you wish to enjoy other flora & fauna and surely you will see lots of birds and other mammals inside the park. You should not be definitely confirmed for tiger sighting in your first safari. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should use many techniques & things, like one must track/expect tiger but you must enjoy the wildlife as a whole. Tiger tracking and sighting is altogether different experience in the forest. No one can be assured that one will see a tiger at certain place or zone (exception's like if there is a kill, are there) during the Jungle Safari in the Ranthambore National Park. If you do not see tiger in three-four safari trips then you should judge yourself as literally star-crossed.

Ranthambore Tiger Sighting on the main common Road of the park

The tigers are a predominantly territorial and solitary animal and they give priority to the areas to be marked by urinating spray, secretions through anal glands, scrapes marks on tree bark, tiger determines its range of territory by mark on bushes and rocks and they confirm their territory through roaring. Generally Tiger occupy and protect an area against intruders of the same sex. The male tiger has a larger territory than female and overlaps an area of several mates and in specific places around the territory to proclaim to other tigers that the area is occupied.

Tiger sighting in Ranthambore National Park

As per Deputy Conservator of Tiger Project, from the first day on 1st October, Tourist season has begun, from that day tourists are enjoying with good and adequate tiger sightings in Ranthambore. Recently, Tigress T39 is appearing with her cubs at zone 1 in Ranthambore National Park. Tourists are enjoying tigers sighting of male Tiger 57 and female Tiger 39 at safari zone 2 in Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambhore zone 3 is the territory of male and female cub of Tigress T19 a.k.a krishna. They can be seen dwell at the zone No.03 during Jungle Safari. Until last season, Tigress T19 was ruled at zone 3, now she has left zone three and she has made her new territory at zone 4 and she appears to tourists in the duration of Ranthambore Safari. The Tigress T-41 is also aligned with her in same zone, which ever, these can cause a power struggle between the two tigresses. It is certain that one of these tigresses will remain on the same zone 4. To protect their territory they will fight each other with full force. The outcome of any one may have run down the rump or any one of them can lead to death. This zone is also area of the male Tiger T-28. Occasionally, this male tiger can be seen in zone 3 in Ranthambore. There is good tiger sighting at zone 5 in Ranthambore, there are T-19's sub female adult and male tiger 74-75 are showing at zone No.5. There are good tiger sighting at zone number six of the Ranthambore. There are T-8 and T-34 are visible at tourist safari zone No.06 in Ranthambore. Female Tiger T-61 is strolling with her cubs at zone No.7 and zone 8 in Ranthambhore. There are slightly lower tiger sighting in zone 9 and zone 10, male Tiger T-42 is rarely seen here.

Ranthambhore Safari, Photo By Kapil kumar

Ranthambore tiger population is estimated to have around 60. In addition to these tigers, there are 30 tigers in almost, which are rarely encountered in the eyes of tourists. These Tiger remains in the eyes of the Forest department official's team. So, many tiger goes into the pretty much dense forest, for this reason, Tigers occasionally appear to the Forest Department staff. At this time Ranthambore National Park is surrounded by thick green forest and water bodies. There are many more shrubs and long grasses in the Ranthambore Park. In such condition Tigers appear comparatively low. But this time, despite substantial greenery and bushes all around, Tigers are visible at all routes and zones.

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