Two leopard cubs camped in a luxury hotel in Ranthambore National Park

Panther cubs at Ranthambore Hotel

Leaving Ranthambore National Park, two leopard cubs entered a luxury hotel on Ranthambore Road. Two leopard cubs have camped in a luxury hotel near Sherpur Helipad on Ranthambore National Park Road.

The Hotel Ranthambore Kothi, adjacent to Ranthambore National Park, was stirred up on Sunday when two Panther cubs entered the hotel. Hotel personnel informed the forest department in this regard. After this, the Rescue Team of the Forest Department reached the spot on the information. The surprising thing is that since then these two cubs of 8-9 months are inside the hotel.

Forest officials have safely evacuated the hotel staff and placed a camera trap inside. Forest personnel have also camped on the spot. However, their mother is not yet seen with the panther cubs at the hotel. The forest department is constantly monitoring the cubs. Panther pugmarks have been found around the hotel. 

Leopard Cub at Hotel Ranthambore kothi

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According to information received from the forest department, there is forest around the hotel and Panther's pugmarks have also been found. However, the presence of the mother with the cub has not yet been confirmed. This luxury hotel in Ranthambore is close to the boundary of the National Park.

In such a situation, the female panther has come to the hotel with the cubs at night and left the cubs in the hotel premises in the morning. The forest department team has installed photo trap cameras in the hotel premises and surrounding areas. The cubs are being monitored with photo trap cameras. 

Leopard in Ranthambore Hotel

The panther has two cubs in the hotel and both cubs are about nine months old. Many times, the mother leaves her cubs in a secluded place with water facilities. Earlier, Panther had given birth to cubs in another hotel. The forest department and team of hotel staff are waiting for the cubs to exit the hotel. Forest officials say that by Monday night, the cubs will either leave by themselves, or their mother will take them. If these two cubs do not come out of the hotel themselves, they will be tranquilized by the forest department team and released in the forest.

There is a lockdown situation at this time due to the corona. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has been closed to tourists till 3 May 2021. In this situation, all the hotels located on Ranthambore Road are deserted at this time. In such a situation, due to less human intervention, now wildlife are coming out of the forest. Last year many wildlife came out on the roads even during the lockdown. 

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Thursday, 13 May 2021