Ranthambore: tigress T-69 captured in camera with two new cubs, tiger family grows in sanctuary

Tigress T-69 with two new cubs in Ranthambore

Good news for tiger lovers: Good news from Ranthambore, tigress T69 gave birth to two cubs. Ranthambore amidst Corona has brought good news for wildlife lovers. The tigress T69 has given birth to two cubs in the Khandar range of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

The news of young cubs in Ranthambore National Park has once again sparked a wave of joy among wildlife lovers. This time the tigress T-69, which has been wandering in the Khandar range of Ranthambore tiger project, has been captured in the forest department's cameras along with two new cubs. In such a situation, the population of tigers in Ranthambore has increased once again.

Mahendra Sharma, DFO of the Ranthambhore tiger project, told that the tigress T-69 has given birth to two cubs in the Aam outpost - Kati Valley forest area located in the Naka Gillai Sagar of the Khandar Range.

Who is Tigress T 69?

The tigress T69 is the third litter daughter of the tigress T-30 aka Husn-Ara. The tigress T30 was the dominant tigress of Jail-Kho and Gillai-Sagar regions of Ranthambore. The tigress T30 was known as Mango Mother.

The tigress T-30 aka Husnara was found dead on January 21, 2016 in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. She was about 12 years old.

The tigress T-30 gave birth to nine cubs in four litter in her lifetime.

FIRST LITTER: The tigress T-30 gave birth to a male tiger in its first litter, known as Hammir or T-33. The father of this cub is tiger T-20 alias Jhumru.

SECOND LITTER: The tigress T-30 gave birth to three cubs in its second litter, including two males and one female. The father of these cubs is also Tiger T-20 aka Jhumru. Two of these cubs are male tigers T-42 and T-43 and female cubs are known as T-44.

THIRD LITTER: The tigress T-30 gave birth to two female and one male cubs in its third litter. Of these, both female cubs were identified with numbers T-69 and T-70, while male cub was identified as T-71. The father of these cubs is believed to be T-3 aka Bahadur.

FOUTH LITTER: The tigress T30 gave birth to a male and a female cub in its last and fourth litter. The father of these cubs is Tiger T- 3 aka Bahadur.

The tigress T-30 spent most of the time with two different dominant male tigers, including the tiger T-20 and tiger T-3. Both these male tigers are the sons of "Machli", the famous tigress of Ranthambore.

Cubs are three months old

According to the forest department, two new cubs have been captured in the photo trap cameras of the forest department on 30 April 2021 in the Aam Chowki Kati Ghati forest area of Ranthambhore along with tigress T69. The cubs are reported to be around three months old. The forest department is constantly monitoring the tigress and her cubs.

The forest department has confirmed the births of two cubs based on a photo taken in a camera trap on Friday. According to forest officials, given the physical structure of the tigress, some time ago the possibility of giving birth to her cubs was revealed. As a result, the Forest Department team placed camera traps in the tigress's variance area. A few days later the tigress was captured in a photo trap camera with two cubs. The age of the tigress cubs is said to be three months.

Tigress T 69 becomes mother for third time

Forest officials said that tigress T69 is about ten years old. The tigress has given birth to cubs for the third time. At the same time, due to the birth of cubs in the Khandar range, the footprints of tigers are increasing in the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park. These are good signs for wildlife conservation.

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According to the information, this tigress was not seen properly for a long time, even if it was seen very rarely. In such a situation, it is believed that after giving birth to both the cubs, they were engaged in handling them. Now that the cub is three months old, the tigress has come out.

Significantly, the tigress T-69 is ten years old and has given birth to cubs for the third time.

The number of tigers in Ranthambore reaches 67

The forest department said that 20 male tigers, 28 female tigers and 19 cubs are roaming in Ranthambore. In this case, the total tiger population has reached 67.

However, according to wildlife experts, more tigers are currently roaming in Ranthambore.

Photographs of 20 male, 28 female, 15 sub-adults and cubs were obtained at the Ranthambore Tiger Project in a Phase 4 camera trap exercise held from December 2020 to January 2021. After which in the month of April itself, the tigress T-114 gave birth to two cubs and now after the T-69 gave birth to two cubs, the number of all adult and cubs has increased to 19 with 2 new cubs. 

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