Planning to start new Safari Zone in Ranthambore National Park

The Forest Department has come into action mode with the demand to promote tourism in Ranthambore National Park . On behalf of the Forest Department, preparations have been made to start tourism in the second largest Khandar range of Ranthambore. For this, two new safari routes have been marked by the Forest Department.

If everything goes well and permission is obtained from the higher authorities, then from the coming season, tourists will be seen enjoying safari in Khandar from the department.

Park entry will be given from Gilai Sagar

The two routes which have been selected for tourism by the Forest Department. After the start of tourism there, tourists will be given entry to go to the forest of Ranthambore from the side of Gilai Sagar. For this, the entrance gate of Jungle Safari on Gilai Sagar has also been prepared by the Forest Department.

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Zone 11 and 12 numbers will be given

As of now there are total 10 zones for Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park. The two new safari zones that have been identified by the Forest Department in Khandar. These two new safari zones will be named as Zone 11 and 12.

Zone 11

Zone 11 will start from Gilai Sagar and include areas like Dholi Bawdi, Aam Chowki, Kachi Ghati, Gander Bawdi, Chirauli, Kharayachata, Dungar, Thumka Chowki etc. The total length of this zone will be 22 km.

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Zone 12

Zone 12 will also start from Gilai Sagar. Zedkhoh, Jhunarkoi, Lahpur, Berda areas have been included in this zone. Its length will be 21 km. Safari track have also been prepared by the Forest Department for the movement of tourist vehicles.

Mahendra Sharma, DFO, Ranthambore Tiger Project, Sawai Madhopur said that a proposal has been prepared to open two zones in Khandar. Work is being done in this direction.

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Ranthambore National Park is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. It is one of the best national parks in India. The area of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is about 1734 sq km. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is bounded by Banas River in the north and Chambal River in the south of Sawai Madhopur district.  Ranthambore National Park is named after the historical Ranthambore Fort, which is located within the park.

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Sunday, 26 June 2022