News: Tigress T-61 found dead in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T 61 dead in Ranthambore

On May 13, 2022, tigress T 61 has died in Ranthambore National Park of Sawai Madhopur. This is sad news for wildlife lovers. Ranthambore National Park Forest Officer said that tigress T 61 was found dead in Jamoda stream of Zone 7. The age of the tigress T-61 was about 12 years.

The movement of tigress T 61 lived in Zone 7 and Zone 8 of Ranthambore. The body of tigress T 61 was brought to Rajbagh forest post by the forest department and post-mortem was conducted.

Tourists who came to Zone 7 of Ranthambore National Park saw the tigress in the morning shift. After there was no movement of the tigress for a long time, the tourists informed the forest department. After this, the forest guards took stock of the condition of the tigress and informed the top officials of the forest department about her death.

On information, officers and administrative officers of the forest department reached the spot. After this the forest department staff took out the tigress's carcass from the Jamoda stream and took the body to Rajbagh Naka.

A team of veterinarians of the Forest Department conducted the post-mortem of the tigress's carcass in the presence of forest officials and administrative officials. In the postmortem report, the death of the tigress is being told about 24 hours ago.

There are hills on both sides of the place where the tigress's body was found. It was also told in the report that the tigress must have fallen from a height while chasing the prey. The tigress broke her neck after falling from a height. She died of an internal injury caused by a fracture on her right side.

Tigress T-61 in Ranthambore National Park

Introduction of Tigress T-61

Tigress T-61 is the daughter of Tigress T-8. Tigress T-8 aka Ladli gave her first litter in 2011. Tigress T-8 gave birth to two cubs in her first litter consisting of a male and a female. The father of both these cubs is male tiger T-34 Kumbha.

As the cubs grew and became adults, they were separated from their mother tigress T8 in the year 2013. Of these cubs, the female tigress was given the number T- 61 by the forest department.

Tigress T61 made her territory in Zone 8 after being separated from her mother, Tigress T8. Zone 8 of Ranthambore is also known as Balas. This area was also part of the territory of Tigress T-8. At present, the territory of Tigress T8 is zone 6 of Ranthambore National Park and its surrounding area.

The forest department gave the number of T-62 to the male cub of tigress T-8. Male tiger T62 migrated from Ranthambore National Park to Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary in Bundi district in the year 2013.

After tigress T-61 settled in Zone 8, it shared its territory with a dominant male tigress, T-58. Male tigress T-58 is the son of tigress T-26. Tigress T 26 was a tigress living in Jaisinghpura area of Ranthambore.

Both Tigress T-61 and Tiger T-58 have been spotted together many times. As a result of this, on September 9, 2015, two small cubs were seen with tigress T-61 in the afternoon jungle safari in Zone 8 of Ranthambore. After this great news, Zone 8 of Ranthambore became the main attraction for tourists and wildlife lovers. 

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