Porcupine's quills came out from the neck of tigress arrowhead in Ranthambore

Tigress Arrowhead with Porcupine quills

Good news came from Ranthambore National Park on Sunday. The porcupine's quill or spine itself came out from the neck of the famous tigress Arrowhead of Ranthambhore National Park. Forest officials heaved a sigh of relief after the quill or spine came out of the tigress's throat.

Porcupines are large rodents with coats of pointed spines or quills, which protect them from prey. The term porcupine encompasses two families of animals: the Old World porcupine family known as Hystricidae, and the New World porcupine family known as Erethizontidae. Porcupines in both families have their backs and sides covered with quills or spines, which erect and flare up when predators get too close.

On July 14, the tigress had a porcupine quill in its neck

Ranthambore tigress T-84 aka Arrowhead had a Porcupine quill or spine in her neck on July 14, 2021. After examining the health of the tigress, the team of veterinarians of Ranthambore had suggested an operation to remove the quill.

Although the tigress is completely healthy and was drinking water and lying down comfortably. Often during physical activity, the tiger takes out the quill or spine from the paw. But since July 14, there was a porcupine's quill near the neck of the tigress Arrowhead. 

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Tigress Arrowhead T-84 with 3 cubs in Ranthambore

Tranquilizing was the challenge, because... could not be unconscious for a long time because of the cubs

It was challenging to tranquilize the tigress. Tigress Arrowhead ka T 84 has three newborn cubs. In such a situation, after removing the quill after tranquilizing, the tigress had to be given an anti-dot to bring it to consciousness soon. So that the tigress arrowhead cannot stay away from its newborn cubs for a long time.

Forest officers were preparing to tranquilize and remove the quill from the throat of Arrowhead, 'Porcupine quill' came out on its own. Due to the quill coming out of the tigress's throat itself, there was no need to tranquilize it. Forest officials have felt relief for the safety of the tigress and its newborn cubs due to the quill or spine coming out of the tigress.

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Forest officials were constantly monitoring

When the porcupine's quill did not come out from the neck of the tigress T 84, the veterinarians of Ranthambore had suggested to tranquilize the tigress Arrowhead and remove the quill from the neck of the tigress.

On this, the forest officers of Ranthambore presented a report to the higher officials. Due to this, Dr. Parag of WII had reached Ranthambore on Sunday. Meanwhile, during the monitoring of the tigress, it was found that the porcupine's quill had automatically come out of its throat. Now Tigress Arrowhead aka T-84 is completely healthy. 

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