Porcupine quills pricked in the neck of the tigress Arrowhead in Ranthambore

Tigress Arrowhead - Ranthambhore | Photo courtesy Sharad Sharma

A porcupine quill or spine has pricked the neck of Arrowhead, the tigress of Ranthambore National Park. So the tigress is in trouble. Recently tigress has been seen with first two and then later with three cubs.

Porcupine's quills in the neck of tigress arrowhead has increased the concern of the forest officials. The tigress is being continuously monitored by the forest department.

Forest officials said that on the evening of Wednesday, July 14, 2021, the health of the tigress was also monitored. During this, the tigress Arrowhead was seen drinking water at Pannaya Ghati.

According to forest officials, tigress Arrowhead has a quill or spine on its neck, but it is not a matter of much concern. Tigress Arrowhead is said to be completely healthy.

The veterinary doctor of Ranthambore has also submitted his report in this regard to the CCF of Ranthambore Tiger Project.

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A quills near the neck of the tigress

Forest officials said that half of the quill or spine of the porcupine is outside the neck. Where the quill is pricked to the tigress, the tigress's paw is also reaching there. In such a situation, the possibility of pulling out the quill by the tigress itself cannot be ruled out. If the tigress is not able to remove the quill from the paw, then treatment by tranquilizing is the only option.

Informed the higher authorities

The local forest officials have sought permission from the higher officials to treat the tigress by tranquilizing it to remove the quill of the tigress. If the tigress itself is unable to remove the quill, then the tigress will be tranquilized and its quill will be removed. 

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