Ranthambore jungle safari charges increased, tigers and wildlife sighting became expensive

Ranthambore National Park jungle safari fees increased due to which it became expensive to see tigers and other wildlife. Safari rates have been increased from 1st April 2022 in all tiger reserves and sanctuaries of Rajasthan.

Tourists coming to see tigers and other wildlife will now have more burden on their pockets. The rates of jungle safari for all tiger reserves, sanctuaries etc. have been increased by 10% by the government and forest department. These new rates have been implemented from April 1.

Most Expensive Safari in Ranthambore

In Ranthambore National Park, once again the rates of park visits have been increased the most. The rate of jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park has been increased by 10%. Forest officials of Ranthambore National Park said that domestic and foreign tourists going on jungle safari will have to pay 10 percent more per seat.

Increase in rates continuously for 4 years

Earlier, in Ranthambore and other Tiger Reserves, the safari ticket fee was not increased every year, but about four years ago, instructions were issued by the Forest Department to increase the safari fee by 10% every year. Since then the jungle safari fee in Ranthambore is being increased by 10% every year.

Increase in income of forest department

Due to the increase in the rates of jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park by the government, on one hand the tourists are facing financial burden and on the other hand the income of the forest department is increasing.

Along with this, the rates of safari have also been increased in Sariska and Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve. It is worth noting that the safari has not even started in Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve. However, it is being said by the Forest Department to start safari within a month. 

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Sunday, 26 June 2022