Tigress Noor became the first tigress of Ranthambore to give birth to cubs at the end of her life

This photo is of the first litter of tigress Noor which was taken by Milind Valawalkar in 2012

The family of tigers is increasing in Ranthambore National Park, but this is the first time that about 15 years old tigress Noor T-39 has given birth to cubs in Ranthambore. It is worth noting that recently, tigress Noor has been seen with a cub in Zone 1 of Ranthambore. This has created a wave of happiness among the wildlife lovers.

Ladli T-8 is at number two

If wildlife lovers are to be believed, then after tigress Noor T39, the number of Ladli T8 tigress of Ranthambore comes. Ladli i.e. T8 gave birth to cubs at the age of 13 in Ranthambore. Tigress Ladli usually lives in Zone 6 of Ranthambore.

Tigress Machli did not become a mother after the age of 11

In Ranthambore National Park, the tigress Machli i.e. T-16, which is called the mother of tigers, gave birth to the maximum number of 14 cubs. But after the age of 11, the tigress Machli could not become a mother. Not only this, the cubs and offspring of tigress Machli have played an important role in making Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve and Sariska Tiger Reserve populated with tigers.

Machli T-16, the tigress who gave birth to the most cubs in Ranthambore and the oldest surviving tigress, also gave birth to cubs for the last time at the age of 11 in Ranthambore. Tigress Machli became a mother for the last time in the year 2011. After this tigress Machli never gave birth to cubs.

Reasons to become a mother after years

According to wildlife lovers and forest officials, due to the increase in the number of tigers in Ranthambore, the place for tigers to roam has started decreasing. The territory of Tigress Noor was also occupied by other tigers and tigresses in the past.

The area of Tigress Noor was reduced to Zone 1, however now once again Tigress Noor has made her territory up to Zone 6. In such a situation, after getting a better territory for the tigress, she has also given birth to cubs in Ranthambore. 

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