Ranthambore National Park open in Monsoon

Ranthambore National Park open for tourists in the Monsoon Season 

As usual, Ranthambore National Park will be open for jungle safaris for tourists during the monsoon season. Zone 6 to 10 of Ranthambore National Park will be open for jungle safaris during the monsoon season. As usual, zones 1 to 5 of Ranthambore National Park will remain closed during the monsoon season.

Wildlife enthusiast and Nature lover can add Ranthambore National Park to their destinations list during monsoon travel to Rajasthan, because National Park in Rajasthan including Ranthambore, Sariska and Mukundra tiger reserves will be open for tourist by the Forest Department in monsoon season, which are normally closed during monsoon between 1st July and 30th September. It has been decided to open Ranthambore Tiger Safari zone 1 to 5 for the entire year by The Forest Department of Rajasthan, these safari zones are considered primary and important for Ranthambore National Park. Although, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve safari zone 6 to 10 remains open for tourist every year in monsoon season but now all safari zones of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve will be operational throughout the year.

As per the Publish news on 20 June 2017 in The Times of India, the decision of the open these National Parks was taken at a recent meeting of the standing committee of the State Board of Wildlife (SBWL) and the Tiger Conservation Foundation (TCF), But this decision is against the guideline of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) which forbids tourist activities through the jungle safaris in tiger reserves during monsoons.

Ranthambore National Park. Photo Courtesy wasim Akhtar

In 2006, the NTCA had cited some reasons for the closure of national parks for tourists in monsoon. According to NTCA, there is rejuvenating of the forest during monsoon season. It is worth mentioning that Ranthambore National Park is often closed in monsoon, that's why because it is the breeding period of tigers, during this time Tigers love secluded atmosphere. Tourists are also kept away from tigers, because in such a situation they can also attack. Besides, the safari tracks of the Forest become Muddy and slippery due to rain and during the Jungle safari in Monsoon, the safari vehicle can get stuck in the mud tracks in the park. And it can be a risky safari for tourists and the safety of tourists can be questioned.

Ranthambore Jeep Safari , Photo courtesy Wasim Akhtar
Ranthambore jungle Safari

In contrast to this rule of the forest, the chief wildlife warden of the State have recently issued an instruction to all the directors of Tiger Reserve. In this, the State Wildlife Board Standing Committee is cited. It has been said that the Tiger Reserve can be opened in the monsoon season.

According to the wildlife expert Tigers can breed during all 12 months of the year. It is true that some paths of the forest are filled with mud in monsoon. But most of the area in the park is dry. As the Ranthambore National Park is surrounded by Aravali and Vindhyas Mountain range and most of the park has hilly terrain.

Opening zones to tourism will help to check illegal activities

Opening of all tourist safari zones in Ranthambore will help prevent illegal pasture, wood cutting and other illegal activities during monsoon in the area, as well as the movement of tigers will be monitored.

According to N C Goel, ACS, forests and tourism, keeping in view the guidelines and concerns of NTCA, we are considering ways to keep a limited portion of the sanctuaries opened in a regular manner during monsoon.Tourism helps in the protection and management of the park because a lot of things come to our attention through the sensible eyes of wildlife lovers, those who work as a third eye for habitat protection.

As per Y K Sahu, CCF and field director, Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve The safari zone of the Ranthambore Park will be kept open on a rotational basis for three months around the year. In which each safari zone will be closed for three months. During the monsoon, some safari zone will be opened for tourism depending on the important circumstances, considering the conditions of the roads and safety of tourists.

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