Ranthambore National Park will be Open for the Jungle Safari during Monsoon

Tigress T- 8 in Zone 6 : Photo BY Vipul Jain

Ranthambore National Park safari zone 6 to 10 will be Open for the Jungle Safari during Monsoon:

Forest Department of Rajasthan has announced that world famous Ranthambore National Park will also be open for tourists during the monsoon season. Ranthambore Safari Zone 6 to 10 will be open for tourists. It will be operated in the same way as before. Three months later, on 1st October, the Ranthambore National Park will be fully open for tourism.

During the monsoon at Ranthambore National Park, Safari Zone 1 to 5 is closed for tourists. On Sunday, June 30, 2019, was the last day for jungle safaris for tourists in Zone 1-5 of Ranthambore. There was a lot of tourist here. The next season will be start from October 1. Tourism is closed for three months in rainy season every year in Ranthambore Zone 1-5. During this, Tiger safari will continue in Zone 6 to 10 in Ranthambore.

Male Cub Veeru of T-8 Laadli : Photo by Mohan Singh

Those who are planning to visit Ranthambore National Park in Monsoon. There is no need to be disappointed, because Zone 6 to 10 is open for Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park. The best tigers have been observed in Zone 6 and 10 of Ranthambore this year. Of these, the Zone 6 has been the first choice of tourists and wildlife lovers.

According to reliable sources, Tigers T-8 (Laadli) and its two youngsters, Jai and Veeru, their father T- 34 (Kumbha), tigress T-39 (Noor) and male tiger T-57 are appeared in Zone 6 Kunal area.

Similarly, there is the movement of Tigress T-61 and Tiger T-58 in Zone 7 (Chidikho) and Zone 8 (Balas). In Ranthambore Zone 9, tiger T-62 and tigress T-59 and her two young ones are seen.

Tiger in Zone 7 Ranthambore

Zone 10 is spread over Kailashpuri-Bodal area of ​​Ranthambore. This is second choice of tourists after Zone 6. Tourists have also seen good tigers this year here too. There is a movement of Tigress T -13 (mother of Tiger Kumbha T-34), dominant male Tiger T -42 (Fateh) , Tigress T -99 and a male cubs of Tigers T-13 in zone 10 of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

In such a case, even during the rainy season, tourists can visit Ranthambore Zone 6 to 10 and can enjoy the jungle safari with Tiger sighting.

Tigress T 99 in zone 10

Many wildlife activists believe that during the monsoon, Jungle safari is a violation of "National Tiger Conservation Authority" (NTCA) of guidelines. They also believe that monsoon season is the time of sexual intercourse for wild animals, especially tigers. However this fact does not prove to be true. Tiger and tigress can be seen to intercourse during the year according to their time period.

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A senior official of the forest department has argued that allowing the tourists to go to the forest safari during monsoon is a good step to protect the tigers. "Tourist activities in the park help us keep an eye on tigers," he said.

Safari is available through current booking only and is subjected to weather conditions . Therefore safari may be cancelled on any day / shift, without prior notice ,due to bad weather/ track conditions or administrative reasons.

Only full safari booking amount will be refunded in such cases and no other claim of tourist like travel cost, losses or compensation of any kind will be considered.

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