Ranthambore Tourism will continue in monsoon Season, Zone 6 to 10 will remain open in the off season

Ranthambore Tourism will continue in monsoon Season, Zone 6 to 10 will remain open in the off season:

There is good news for tourists coming to Ranthambore National Park to see the tigers' tendencies and tigers. Tourists coming to Ranthambore for the expectations of tigers do not need to be disappointed in off-season. During the rainy season, this time the Ranthambore Safari Zone 6 to 10 will be remain open for tourists. For this, Ranthambore Forest Department has sought permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden.

Ranthambore tourism will be encouraged in the monsoon

Tourism activities in Zone 6 to 10 during the rainy season will boost tourism in Ranthambore. Apart from this, the income of the forest department will also increase. Department officials told that even after getting permission, tourism will be resumed in Zone 7 also. Significantly, the department had closed tourism in Zone 7 since February.

In order to keep the tourism smooth in Zone 6 to 10 in Ranthambore, Forest official CCF Mr. Y. K. Sahu has written a letter to Chief Wildlife Warden Mr. G. V. Reddy last days and demanded to keep tourism activities smooth in off-season.

Tigers' habitat is growing in Zone 6 to 10 of Ranthambore

In the past, tigers had more activity in Zone 1 to 5 of Ranthambore. But this time there are continuous activities of tigers in Zone 6 to 10 of Ranthambore. In this tourism session, tigers are continuously being seen in the zone 6 to 10. According to information received from the forest department, there is a movement of about 15 tigers in Zone 6 to 10 in Ranthambore.

Among these 15 tigers, Tigress Ladli aka T-8 and two of her cubs are in Zone 6. There are tigress T61 and Tiger T58, which are in Zone 7 and 8 in Ranthambore. There is a male cub of T-8 and one tigress in Zone 9 of the Ranthambore. Zone 10 has movement of the Tiger T-42, T-13 and her female cubs. Apart from this, male tiger T-99 and T-43 also have variance in this zone.

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