Conflicts between two tigers related to hunting: Ranthambore National Park

On Sunday, June 17, 2018, in afternoon slot at zone 2 of the Ranthambore National Park, there was clash between two young tigers near the Black farm area. This fight was related to hunting between young male and female cubs of tigress T-60 and T-39. The tourists were thrilled to see the fight between young male and female cubs in Zone 2 of Ranthambore National Park. The fight of both tigers lasted for about 10 minutes. Forest area echoed with tiger's roar. The male cubs beat the female cubs in the fight and the female cubs ran away from there. In this fight, both the cubs have minor injuries.

Tourists captured this fight of tigers in their cameras. After the fight, the female cub was scared and ran away from there because of the power of the male cubs. After this there was a cease-fire between the two young tigers. After leaving the female cubs' back, the young male cubs continued to laugh at the victorious mesmerizing trick.

Now the forest department is in the supervision of the cubs. Officials of the forest department said that both cubs are continuously being tracked by the department.

This is not the first case of tiger fight in Ranthambore. Even before that there has been a conflict between tigers in Ranthambore. About three months ago, there was a conflict between the Tiger T-95 and the T-86 over the territories at zone 3 in the Rajbagh forest area. Tiger T-95 was injured in this fight.

According to wildlife experts, the conflict between tigers in Ranthambore is mostly about terrain, hunting etc. Many times, the male tigers struggle for the female tigers among themselves.

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