Safari will be closed during the monsoon season in zones 1 to 5 of Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore Jeep safari in Monsoon - Photo By Wasim Akhtar

Safari will be closed in monsoon at Ranthambore National Park Zone 1 to 5.

It is slightly disappointing news for wildlife safari enthusiasts, traveler and wildlife photographers. They will not be able to visit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in monsoon season, which lasts from 1 July to 30 September. Earlier, in the last years, safari zone 6 to 10 were open for the tourists in monsoon season, but this time NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) ordered to close all safari zone of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for Jungle safari in Monsoon season. Although, premium safari zone 1 to 5 is always remains close during the monsoon.

Jungle Safari zone 6 to 10 were open for tourist till last year during the monsoon from July to September in Ranthambhore and this process was running about six years in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. However, in the middle there was a demand from wildlife experts when tourist safari zone 6 to 10 comes in Critical Tiger Habitat (CTH), the rules apply to the five zones in Ranthambore, the same rules should be applied to these zones.

Although, it is said that in order not to frustrate traveler who plans to come Ranthambhore in Monsoon season because Forest department had decided to conduct safaris in some areas of the Tiger Reserve, where probability of tiger sightings were almost zero. However, the populations of tigers have increased in these areas and have become important habitat for tigers. NTCA has supported this decision with the fact that this is breeding season of the many animals in the monsoon. Another reason to discontinue the safari zones is heavy rain. As a result, the safari dirt track loses its original shape and all routs are slippery. Therefore, there is a possibility of accident.

It is also best time to survival of animals in monsoon in terms of factors such as Adequate water, food availability, temperature according to the ambient and changes in the behavior of animals. On the other hand, the local hospitality industry is against the decision of NTCA. According to the local hospitality, Jungle safari in monsoon will be helpful and monitoring for illegal deforestation and other illegal activities as well as increasing revenue. It is noteworthy that NTCA has restricted on Jungle safari during monsoon in neighboring Sariska Tiger reserve and Keolado National Park. But, you need not to be disappointed because Ranthambore National Park will open for tourist from 1st October after three month monsoon break.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021