Tiger and Monkey become friends in Ranthambore

Hunter and the prey become friends. A similar scene was witnessed in Ranthambore National Park. It was Sunday, June 26, 2016 morning in Ranthambore National Park India, when Machli's grand-daughter aka T-84 came out at Raj Bagh area of zone 3 in Ranthambore National Park , She is also known as "Arrowhead" and she is sub adult female of T-19 a.k.a. Krishna. She was walking on safari dirt track and she saw a monkey ( Black face Langur) , who was sitting opposite direction of the approaching tigress, when she was some feet distance away from monkey , he turned to Tigress , he was almost froze in shock, even he made no attempt to escape from there and he was stood in front of tigress. Arrowhead was surprised to see it all. Although she was not in hunting mood and she did not make it her prey as a tiger normally does it.

These rarest video captured by tourist Ashish Shukla.

Suddenly the monkey came in front of Tigress and began jumping. Monkey hit the pounce on her face, then climbed a tree. She was also trying to play with monkey but monkey was trying to scare tigress. Tigress jumped on hanging tree branch and grabs him. For a short while, both sat facing each other till the monkey tried to run only for Arrowhead to chase it. Both monkey and tiger's rare game lasted about 15 minutes. In this game monkey touched tigress "Arrowhead" many time. Dogmatically Tigress could kill monkey in a swoop while she was seen playing with him. As we all know that monkeys are natural prey and food for tigers but everyone was surprised monkey was not scratched by tigress. Only she was enjoying his antics. It was the rarest sighting for tourist at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.

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