Star Male T28 died in Ranthambore National Park

Star Male T-28 Ranthambore

A dominant male Tiger known as Star male aka T -28 "Pride of Ranthambore" leaves for heavenly abode today after forest staff rescued him from a farm outside the forest. The movement of Tiger was near the Chhaan village of sawai Madhopur. Due to being old, young tigers pushed him to the edge of the forest by continually pressuring him. He was badly injured as per officials probably due to fight with other males in area and found refuge in a farm. Tiger was tranquilized by the forest department, Tiger T28 aka Star male attacked villagers too and 2 injured patients are being treated at district hospital.

A dominant male who once ruled the areas of Nalghati, Jhalra, almost the entire Mandoop plateau, Lakkarda & the three lakes of Zone-3 in his prime years. He had been confined to fringes of the park for past some time by young new males.

It was first seen on January 1, 2008 in the tourism sector around Berda of Ranthambore National Park. And soon he extended his territory till Lakarda, which is in zone no.4 of the park and he marked also his territory at zone 3 including three lakes, Jhalara and Nalghati.

Tiger death due to Gastric Torsion
The tiger Star T28 was tranquilized by the forest department and brought to the area of Gudda forest, where he died at 1pm. According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority's guidelines, the post-mortem of Tiger was conducted, Forest official Y K Sahu said. According to the Post Mortem Report, tiger was suffering from Gastric Torsion in Cardia (upper region). Veterinarian Dr. Rajiv Garg told that the tiger had eaten a lot of meat. After eating the food, the tiger often sits in one place and rests, but after eating the meal, this tiger ran into the farm, the problem worsened and after the unconscious, Tiger died. The tiger has been cremated.

T-28 Star Male Ranthambore
Star T28 dead in Ranthambore

He was the litter of T-27 or Gilai Sagar mother. Somewhere in the beginning of 2006, T-27 or Gillai sagar female gave birth to two male cubs' litters, which were given the identity code for T-28 and T29 by the Forest Department. The area, where these two brothers have been spent in their early years (Terrain around the north-eastern part of the National Park, Thumka and Gilai Sagar) afterwards in his area were includes T16 (Machli) and his two daughters T 17 (Sundari) and T19 (Krishna). In the beginning of 2009 there was a huge fight between T-28 aka Star male and T-16 aka Machli which T 28 won every time.

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