Tiger T-25 Dollar sighted again after two years in Ranthambore

Male Tiger T-25 Dollar or Zalim in Ranthambore

Ranthambore's famous tiger T-25 aka Dollar male or Zalim has been seen again after two years. After a long time, T25 has returned to its territory, due to which there are wave of happiness among wildlife lovers. On Saturday, Dominant Male tiger T-25 aka Dollar has been seen by tourists and drivers near big gate of Jogi Mahal at zone 3 in Ranthambore National Park.

Tiger T-25 known as Dollar Male in Ranthambore

The tiger T-25 is famous in the name of Dollar Male among wildlife lovers due to the similar shape of the US dollar $ on his right flank stripe pattern of the tiger it is known as Dollar Male. He is the first male tiger in Ranthambore, who has enjoyed the parenthood and he is the most famous father tiger of Ranthambore.

Preferably, Dollar male tiger T-25 has kept its territory away from Ranthambore tourism zone and because of ferocity, he tries to usurp the territory of other tigers ,for this reason, this tiger is also called as Zalim, in Hindi language it means "grievous". People found this tiger chasing safari vehicles, growling and prepared for the attack.

Earlier Tiger T25 used to roam in the Kachida forest area.

T-25 Dollar, before the disappeared from Ranthambore, he used to variance from the Kachida forest area to Ama Ghati at zone 5 and Singh Dwar area in Ranthambore.

Sole male tiger to look after the cubs in Ranthambore

Although, the male tigers do not often keep the cubs with them after the death of the tigress, but after the death of the Tigress T-17 aka Sundri , the T25 aka Dollar has presented a new example by upbringing both of her female cubs Beena 1 and Beena 2. However, later in 2012, both cubs of tigress T-17 were shifted to Sariska by the Forest Department.

Apprehension to be injured by porcupine quills

According to the information received from the forest department, there is a bad news along with the good news of Tiger T-25, which is seen in Ranthambore after nearly two years. Tiger T25 aka Zalim or Dollar is injured due to Porcupine quills. It looks like a quill in his leg. Due to which the tiger appeared lame near the Jogi Mahal on Tuesday.

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