Tiger Attack on a Drunken Youth in a Private Farm in Ranthambore

T- 64 Ranthambore National Park

A drunken youth was attacked by a tiger at a private farm in Ranthambore:

In Rajasthan there is yet another confrontation as a result of wild big cats of Ranthambore and human-animal conflict among local people living in neighboring settlements. The incident took place on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 afternoon when a tiger attacked a 29-year-old Mukesh Gurjar on a private farm that is barely 200 meters away from the Ranthambore national park.

Confirming the incident, officials of Ranthambore National Park said that the victim Mukesh Gujjar had sustained serious injuries on his legs and had to take him to the district hospital. The forest department said that the tiger that attacked the youth was either Tiger T-64 aka Akash or Tigress T-73 which could have wandered from the national park and came to the farm outside.

While working on the information, a team of forest officers reached the place to keep the villagers away. According to sources, a tiger couple wandered from the forest and came to a private farm around 12 o'clock and the foresters reached the spot and closed the area to protect the wild big cats.

To ensure that big cats were not attacked, guards and police were deployed in the area. However, after spreading news of Tiger, many villagers from nearby area surrounded the farm. Although forest officials managed to keep the villagers away from the tiger, but Mukesh Gujjar entered the field along with his friends around at 3.00pm on Tuesday.

Mukesh Gurjar is a resident of Mohanpura village. He had drunk alcohol. He decided to go in front of tigers even after the warnings of forest department officials. Unfortunately, as soon as he reached near the tigers, one of the tigers jumped up and wounded him.

Officials of Ranthambore National Park have not even found out that the man was attacked by the tiger or the tigress. Forest Department has not revealed the identity of the Tiger. However, sources of the department said that this was tiger T-64 and Tigress T-73 which had left the forest.

A forest official of Ranthambore said, "Efforts are made to save the wildlife." The area has been approved and big wild cats are being monitored. Human and wild animal conflicts on the edges of protected areas have become a constant concern due to increasing biological pressure and dwindling habitats.

In recent times, many instances of unfortunate encounters between humans and animals have created a sense of fear among local people, which the foresters believe is that they can be motivated to take extreme measures, which It can also damage leonine organisms to be our national animal.

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