Tiger’s halt in fields in Ranthambore, panic among villagers

Two tigers were seen in mustard fields on the roadside in Ranthambore National Park Both these tigers were identified as male tiger T 108 and female tigress T 114.

In the Lehsoda village of Khandar range of Ranthambore National Park, tiger and tigress appeared in the fields on Friday morning. The tiger movement remained in the fields till late at night. Two tigers were seen enjoying in mustard fields along the road. Both these tigers were identified as male tiger T 108 and female tigress T 114.

The movement of these two tigers was seen near mustard fields near the Rebaris' camp located in Lahsora village of Khandar area. A crowd of people gathered on the road to see the tiger. People captured photos of tigers in their cameras. There is a fear among the people of Lahsoda village about the movements of tigers.

As soon as the information was received, the Forest Department team reached the spot and kept an eye on the activity of the tiger-tigress. According to information received from forest departmental sources, there was movement of tiger T-108 and tigress T-114 in the mustard crop in the Rebaris' tapre fields in Lahsoda village. The fields of the Tapre are bordering the forest.

The tiger-tigress has hunted a Nilgai (Blue Bull), which the two ate and rested there for some time. He has also hunted a dog after finish Nilgai Carcass. On receiving the information, the regional ranger Om Prakash reached the spot with the forest workers and removed the people from there.

The area around where these two tigers have been sighted falls in Zone 10 of Ranthambore National Park and often these two tigers are seen in Safari Zone 10 of Ranthambore.

Forest officials said that the movement of these two tigers T 108 and T 114 has remained in this area of ​​Khandar range. Both these tigers have been seen together before. Tiger T 108 has been roaming in the Khandar range for a long time. Tiger T-108 is the cub of tigress T-8 aka Ladali. The tiger had caught a ten-year-old boy in Dangarwada village in the past. At the same time, tiger and tigress are seen wandering together for 15 days. It is believed that these days mustard and wheat crops grow in the forest adjacent fields, which look like the forest. In such a situation, both tigers are camping there.

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Thursday, 01 October 2020