In Ranthambore, the tigress T 107 ran behind tourist vehicles, shifted the safaris to other zones

T 107 Ranthambore – Photo By Mohan Singh

On 24 January 2020 in Safari Zone 1 of Ranthambore National Park, in the morning shift, the tigress T 107 aka Sultana pushed her feet on a tourist vehicle traveling in a government vehicle. The tigress also chased the vehicle for some distance. The tigress 'Sultana' stopped after walking some distance.

US Ambassador was also on a tour of Ranthambore Park

According to forest department sources, during the incident, US Ambassador to India Kenneth Ian Juster and former Forest Minister Bina Kak were also present in Zone 1. The tigress got excited and caused panic among the tourists. Seeing the tigress running after them, the terrified tourists made noise. After the incident, both jeeps soon exited the park leaving the park excursion incomplete. Other tourist vehicles were also sent out of the park.

Forest Department ordered to temporary ban on tourism in Zone 1

Following the incident, the forest department has banned tourism in Zone I until further orders. However, the Forest Officer has not clearly said anything in this matter at the moment. At the same time, wildlife management is telling behind the closure of tourism in zone one.

Safari vehicles will be sent in zone 4 and 5

Following the ban on tourism in Zone 1, the Forest Department has issued instructions to send the previously allocated tourist vehicles in Zone 1 to park excursions in other zones. Under this, gypsies will be sent to zone four and cantors in zone five of the Ranthambore National Park.

After the tigress Sultana ran behind the safari vehicles, all the safari vehicles of Zone 1 were shifted from evening shift to other safari zones on Friday itself. For this, the Forest Department also issued an order. "From the point of view of wildlife management, Zone 1 is banned for tourism from the evening shift of 24 January 2020 for advance orders. All the Jeeps allocated in Zone 1 will be sent to Zone 4 and all the canters will be sent to Zone 5."

The tigress ran behind the safari jeep at Ranthambore

This is the third incident of a tigress charging a tourist vehicle at Ranthambore. On Friday, tigress Sultana chased the forest department's gypsy near Kharia's Talai in Zone 1 for the first time. Earlier, she also ran behind a canter. As per the norms, all safari vehicles should maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters from any wild animal during a jungle safari.

Disturbed the tigress while eating prey

According to sources, the tigress Sultana chased Chital near the talai of Khariya and hunted him. After hunting Chital, the tigress had a prey in her mouth. Even then, the tourist vehicles did not stop chasing him and the vehicles continued to chase the tigress. After this, the tigress started eating prey under the cover of bushes and some government and tourist safari vehicles came very close to the tigress. Seeing a gypsy coming towards her, the tigress put both her front legs on the back side of the gypsy. Frightened the driver took the gypsy forward, the tigress followed the gypsy some distance. After this the tigress stopped.

Tigress Sultana has chased the vehicle before

This is not the first time that the tigress Sultana ie T-107 has chased a tourist vehicle. Earlier, in Zone 1, tigress Sultana ran for about a hundred meters along with a canter. After this, action was taken by the forest department against the canter driver.

The video of running behind the safari Vehicle has also gone viral before

On December 1, 2019, a video of the incident went viral on social media. In which the tigress T107 was seen running behind the canter, an open topped vehicle carrying tourists. In this video, it is seen that the tigress Sultan comes close to it before running after the canter and then runs away with the vehicle. Sources said that the behavior of tigress Sultana will be monitored and the area (Zone 1) will remain closed to visitors until further orders. In October last year, Sultana suffered a thorn injury and disappeared for some time before returning to Zone-1 in December.

The changing behavior of tigress T-107 Sultana

The behavior of the tigress T-107 Sultana, who was visiting Tourism Zone 1 of Ranthambore, seems to have changed. Due to this changing behavior, the forest department has currently banned jungle safari on this zone. Until the situation is not comfortable here, the gypsies going to this zone will go zone 4 and canter will go zone no.5.

The behavior of the nearly three-year-old tigress T-107 seems to have changed over the last few days. After entering Zone 1 from Singhdwar, Tigress T 107 aka Sultana wanders into the forest area of ​​Sultanpur outpost and beyond in zone one of sanctuary and dominates this zone of the Park. This tigress of about three years had driven her mother T-39 from here to grab this area. Since then it has been living here comfortably. In the past, it also paired with a male tiger to increase its clan. Till now, this tigress was wandering in the forest like other tigers with ease, but its behavior has changed a lot in the last few days.

Normally, the tigers of this forest do not come near the tourist vehicles unless there is any helplessness, but this tigress is coming to them these days to see the tourist vehicles and do slow stunts behind them and runs behind the vehicles. Recently, a Gypsy of the Department went to Zone No.1, then this tigress was hovering around the Gypsy.

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