Tigress Riddhi spotted with newborn cub in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress Riddhi in Ranthambore National Park. Photo Courtesy Shard Sharma

NEWS: On 29 November 2022, in the evening shift, Tigress Riddhi (T-124) was seen with a newborn cub in Zone 3 of Ranthambore National Park. On Tuesday evening shift, tourists saw tigress Riddhi carrying the cub in her mouth near Doodh Bawdi (Stepwell) of Zone 3.

Tourists were thrilled to see the tigress with the little cub. Tourists and nature guides informed the forest officials about this. After getting the information about the little cub, the forest officials have started monitoring. The birth of a cub in Zone 3 of Ranthambore National Park created a wave of happiness among wildlife lovers.

To keep an eye on the tigress, photo trap cameras are being installed at many places in Zone 3 by the Forest Department. With this, the number of tigress cubs and their condition will be revealed soon.

Tigress Riddhi with Cub Ranthambore

Likely to have more cubs

Forest officials said that usually the tigress gives birth to two or more cubs at a time. Although so far tourists have seen the tigress with only one cub, but experts believe that there is a possibility of more than one cub with the tigress.

Became a mother for the first time

Tigress Riddhi i.e. T 124 is around 4 years old and the tigress has given birth to cubs for the first time. The tigress's territory is in Zone 3 of Ranthambore and the tigress lives with male tiger T120. Tigress Riddhi is the daughter of famous Tigress Arrowhead alias T-84 of Ranthambore. 

Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar reached Ranthambore ...


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