Tigress T114 and her cub died in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T-114 in Ranthambore | Photo by Shakir Ali

There is a bad news from Ranthambore wildlife Sanctuary. A tigress and her cub died in a single day on Tuesday in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. It is noteworthy that for the first time this tigress T 114 and her three cubs were seen on 25 January 2023 in a field near Dolada forest area. After this, the forest officials also started monitoring the tigress and her cubs and cameras were also installed at different places.

But the tigress was not visible for the last 7 days, after which questions have been raised on the tracking and monitoring of the forest department. Tiger T-57 had died about 15 days before this. The forest department tranquilized the tiger for its treatment.

Now tigress T-114 and her cub have died. According to the forest department, the cub was physically weak. Because of this he could not survive. According to the forest department, the cub died due to cold. But according to wildlife experts, there is a possibility of death of the cub due to lack of mother's milk and being hungry for the last 6 days. Due to this the forest officer is in the circle of questions. 

Tigress T 114 and one of her cubs found dead

Two tigers died in a single day

In fact, the forest department team recovered the bodies of Tigress T-114 and one of its cubs roaming in Phalodi range of Ranthambore from Nahari's Nalah of Phalodi range and its surrounding forest area.

According to information, the dead body of a cub was found near Nahari's stream and anicut at around 6.30 am. On information, the forest department team reached the spot and took the dead body into custody. At the same time, the search for the tigress was started by the Forest Department.

After several hours of effort, the body of the tigress was also found in the forest area, about eight hundred meters away from Nahari's drain from where the cub's body was recovered. 

Tigress T 114 found dead in Ranthambore

The cub died in the morning and the tigress died in the evening

In Todra-Dolada area, bordering Ranthambore National Park, there was an atmosphere of happiness among the people associated with wildlife conservation due to the appearance of three cubs without their mother in a field seven days ago, but six days later, one of the three cubs died. Their joy turned to sorrow at the news of his demise.

Not only this, the death of the cub has also raised many questions as to where is the mother (tigress) of the cubs. Due to not being seen with the cubs of the tigress, questions were also raised on its existence. Now the lives of the remaining two cubs are also in danger. On the same day in the evening, news came about the body of tigress T-114 being found in the Todara forest area. Due to this, the wildlife lovers were disappointed.

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Due to the death of the cub, the monitoring of forest officials and forest workers of Ranthambore National Park has also come under suspicion. On the other hand, the forest officials took the dead body of the cub and got it cremated after getting the post-mortem done by the medical board of veterinarians in Phalodi range premises.

After the carcass of a cub was found in Ranthambore on Tuesday, sad news came to the fore in the evening of the same day. The forest department found the body of tigress T-114 in the Todara forest area of Ranthambore at around 4 pm.

The departmental officers took the body of the tigress in their possession and brought it to Rajbagh Naka. When the departmental officials matched her with the photo, she was identified as Tigress T-114. 

Team doing post mortem of Tigress T 114

Tigress's dead body was cremated after postmortem

The carcass of tigress T-114, which was found dead on Tuesday in Phalodi range of Ranthambore, was post-mortemed by a team of veterinarians in the presence of forest and administrative officials at the city-based Rajbag Naka on Wednesday. After the postmortem, the body was cremated.

Dead body said to be older than 72 hours

Forest officials and doctors told that the body of the tigress is more than 72 hours old and injury marks have been found at many places on the tigress's body. In such a situation, in an attempt to save the tigress's territory and cubs, there is a possibility of a conflict with a male tiger. Significantly, there is movement of many tigers like Tiger T-58, Tiger and Tiger T-108 etc. in the said area.

The movement was made in the field for seven days

According to the information received from the Forest Department, the villagers saw three cubs for the first time on 25 January 2023 in Dolada village. The villagers had also informed the Forest Department in this regard. On information, the Forest Department team also reached the spot. The cubs were being continuously monitored by the Forest Department. For this, a team of more than 20 forest personnel was also deployed by the department.

On the other hand, as per the orders of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden, two cubs of the said tigress were sent to Abheda Biological Park Kota. In future, the said cubs will be rehabilitated in the Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve Kota.

A press note about the death of the cub was issued by the Forest Department. In which on January 26, a tiger was said to be found roaming in the area of the tigress. Along with this, on January 27, there was talk of hearing the roar of the tigress. Due to this, the forest department had expressed apprehension of untoward incident with the tigress. Meanwhile, at 4 pm, with dramatic developments, information about the tigress's dead body came to the fore. 

Tigress T-114 Ranthambore | Photo by Shakir Ali

Introduction of Tigress T 114

Tigress T114 is probably born around 2017. Tigress T 114 is also known as Noor Jehan. The tigress was first spotted in January 2017 in the Bhairupura area of Phalodi range. Tigress T 114 is the daughter of Tigress T-13 (Old Sultanpur female). The male tiger T42 aka Fateh shared the territory with the tigress T13. Tigress T 114's father is Fateh aka T 42.

The area of tigress T114 was in Zone 10 of Ranthambore National Park. Apart from this, there is movement of tigress T 99 and her cubs, so this safari zone remains a favorite zone for wildlife lovers. Apart from this, there is movement of male tigers T-108 and T-58 in this area. 

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