Tigress T-39 Noor spotted with 2 cubs for the first time in Zone 1 of Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T-39 Noor with her 2 cubs. Photo courtesy Subhash Gautam

Tourists visiting Ranthambore National Park in the early hours of Tuesday, April 19, 2022, first time spotted tigress T39 with two small cubs at water hole in Zone 1. Tigress Noor quenches her thirst with cubs at the waterfall.

Recently, there was news of giving birth to cubs of tigress T-39 in Ranthambore National Park. Tigress Noor was spotted with a cub in Zone 1 of Ranthambore on March 5, 2022. After which now tigress T-39 Noor appeared with her two cubs on Tuesday. But this is the first time that tigress Noor has appeared with two cubs for the first time after the birth of the cubs.

On Tuesday, the tigress with both her cubs roamed from zone number one to zone number 6. Tourists were thrilled to see the tigress walking with the cubs. On the other hand, tourists who came on Tiger Safari in Zone No. 6 saw the tigress T-39 Noor and her cubs. Tourists also captured this moment in camera. 

Tigress NOOR with Her Cubs .Photo courtesy Subhash Gautam

Earlier on March 5, 2022, tigress T-39 Noor was seen shifting one of her cubs, but how many cubs have been given birth by the tigress at that time. It was not confirmed. Now the tigress T-39 Noor is seen with two cubs, it is being expected that the tigress will have two cubs.

Significantly, tigress T39 Noor has become a mother for the fifth time. Tigress T-39 Noor has given birth to ten cubs in five litter. This is an old tigress from Ranthambore. The age of tigress Noor is about 14 to 15 years. It is often rare to see a tigress of this age become a mother in wildlife.

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