Tigress T8 Ladli Sighted with 2 cubs at Zone 6 in Ranthambhore National Park

Tigress T 8 Ranthambore National Park

Good News for wildlife and tiger lover. On 20th October 2019 in Afternoon safari shift, Tigress T-8 Ladli appeared with 2 cubs at Zone 6 of Ranthambhore National Park. Some tourists and guides spotted cubs near old well in zone 6. The cubs are said to be two months old. The cubs disappeared into the bushes. Tourists and guides could not capture the cubs on camera.

Ranthambore's tigress T-8 Ladli appeared in Zone 6 on Sunday with two cubs. Nature Guide Kanhaiya Sharma of Ranthambore said that the tigress T-8 appeared in the evening shift with cubs in the bushes about six hundred meters ahead of the Palli Darwaza.

Forest officials said that the tigress Ladli aka T 8 has been reported to appear with the cubs, although no photo of the cubs has been traced so far. This is the fifth litter of tigress T8 aka Ladli.

Cubs are being told for two months

Nature Guide of Ranthambore said that the cubs seen with the tigress are about two months old. Very rarely does a tigress appear with such small cubs. The tigress usually brings out the cubs approximately three to four months after giving birth.

She was seen in the morning shift as well

Forest officials said that the tigress also appeared in a lair near Patwa Bawdi in the morning. But the cubs were not seen with the tigress. Later in the afternoon, the tigress and the cubs were seen by the tourists. Photo trap cameras have been installed from the forest department to monitor tigress and cubs. Earlier, the tigress T-8 gave birth to three cubs in the year 2017. Of this, the male tiger T 109 Veeru died in a struggle with tiger T42 in the past.

The tigress hunted the Spotted Deer

The tigress has hunted deer in the bushes near the Palli Darwaza. In such a situation, the tigress roared approaching the victim. In such a situation, the tigress roared near the victim and two cubs came to her, but in a few moments the cubs disappeared into the bushes.

In Zone 6 of Ranthambore, Kundal's queen T-8 aka Ladli had intercourse with Kumbha T-34 for many years and gave birth to many cubs. In the last two months, everyone has just guessed that the Ladli T-8 gave new cubs to Ranthambore but the cubs were spotted by tourists in Zone 6 on Sunday evening.

T-58 is believed to be the father of tigress T8 cubs. The territory of ​​the male tiger T-58 is the area of ​​Zone 7 and 8 of Ranthambore. It is being told that tiger T 58 had mating on zone 7 with tigress T8.

However, a few days ago Zone 6 made headlines for the tiger t57 and tiger t58 battles. The fight between the two tigers was caused by tigress T39. Tigers T-57, T-58 and Kumbha T-34 were regularly roaming in Zone 6 and Zone 1 for Tigress T 39 aka Noor. But this time the tigress T 8 had mating with the tiger T-58 and gave birth to the cubs.

Kumbha T-34 is son of Tigress T-22 aka Gayatri and Tiger Jhumroo T-20. Laadli T-8 is daughter of Kachida tigress T-5 and father T-2. They have settled in the zone 6.

Tigress T-8 litter

The first litter of Kumbha and Laadli were T-61 and T-62 and they were born in 2011. The T-61 is female tiger and has moved into Zone 8 and settled there. The tigress T61 mated with the tiger T-58 and gave birth to the cubs. The tiger T-62 went into the Bundi forests in early 2013, but later returned to the forests of Ranthambore. The male tiger T-62 aka Bhima had intercourse with the tigress T-59 and the tigress gave birth to the cubs.

The second litter of T 8 was born in 2013, but in all probability, the cubs perished.

The third litter of the tigress T-8 was born in mid-2014. They were named T-86 and T-87. The tiger T-87 died in 2015 (Probably due to being at fight with another tiger), while T-86 became king of the lakes and is ruling in zones 3 and 4 of Ranthambore National Park. T-86 aka Chirico sired cubs with T-84 aka Arrowhead.

The fourth litter of tigress T 8 produced two male tigers that became the pride of Zone 6. These tigers include tiger T 108 aka Jai and tiger T 109 aka Veeru. But sadly, one of these tigers T 109 Veeru went out in search of its territory in Zone 10, which is the territory of the legend male tiger T42 Fateh, there was a fierce conflict between the two tigers and the young male tiger T 109 was killed in this territorial fight.

This is the fifth litter of tigress T8 aka Ladli. In this, the tigress has given birth to two cubs in Zone 6 of Ranthambore.

Ranthambore National Park, located between the Aravali and Vindhya hill systems in Sawai Madhopur district of eastern Rajasthan, is spread over 1700 sq km. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is home to over 40 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, 45 species of reptiles and over 300 species of plants. Ranthambore National Park is famous not only in the country but around the world for easy viewing of wild tigers in their natural habitat. According to official figures, the number of tigers in Ranthambore is 71.

It is the only forest sanctuary in the state of Rajasthan and in the entire Aravalli hill ranges where Royal Bengal wild tigers still exist with good population. The forest of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is dry deciduous due to which it is easy to find tigers in their natural habitat.

News Update on October 27, 2019

Tigress T8 seen for the first time with three cubs in Ranthambore National Park

Tourists saw cubs in the black fields of Zone 6

On Saturday 26 October 2019, the tigress T8 aka Ladli appeared in Zone 6 with three cubs. Tourists visiting evening shift in Zone 6 of Ranthambore National Park saw the tigress T8 in the black fields with 3 cubs for the first time.

Tourists watched the tigress cubs in the fields for about 15 minutes and captured the tigress and cubs on camera. At the same time, the trekking of tigers and cubs is being done continuously by the Forest Department for the protection of the cubs.

The first two cubs were seen

Recently, tigress T-8 Ladli was seen with two cubs near Palli Darwaza in Zone 6 of Ranthambhore National Park. At that time the tigress had killed spotted deer. However, shortly after, the cubs disappeared into the bushes.

Cubs are being told for three months

Forest officials said that the cubs seen with the tigress are around two and a half to three months old. Significantly, the tigress T8 has become a mother five times so far.

The video of 3 cubs with tigress T-8 Ladli went viral in Ranthambore National Park.

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