Watch viral video: Tigress Sultana T 107 chasing canter in Ranthambore National Park

On Saturday, 30 November 2014, a tigress chased a safari Canter in Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan. The tigress was identified as T-107. This tigress is also known as Sultana in Ranthambhore. The entire incident was captured on camera.

The video of a tigress chasing a tourist vehicle at Safari Zone 1 in Ranthambore National Park has gone viral. Animal lovers say that Big Cat was just trying to play with the Safari vehicle and was not trying to attack it. Wildlife experts say that wild animals are losing their natural habitat, which is a concern.

In the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, this video of a tigress T 107 aka Sulatana running with a canter full of tourists is in the news.

Tourists who went to visit zone one in Ranthambore National Park on Saturday evening were terrified when the tigress T107 aka Sulatan chased canter. Seeing the behavior of the tigress, the driver immediately drove the canter away. The tigress stopped seeing other tourist vehicles coming from the front. After this, the tourists breathed a sigh of relief.

According to the information, at around 5.30 pm on Saturday, the driver of the Canter, who was visiting tourists in Zone 1, parked the canter near the tigress T107 'Sulatan' and some tourists started taking her photographs. Meanwhile, the tigress started moving towards the Canter. Seeing this, the driver started driving the canter backwards and the tigress also started running after him. The tigress followed the canter for about 50 meters. The tigress stopped there seeing other tourist Jungle safari vehicles.

All the tigers living in the Ranthambore wildlife Sanctuary normally use safari routes to get from one place to another, because their padded claws are pricked by walking on stones. For this reason, they try to walk on the soft soil as much as possible and in the Ranthambore Sanctuary. The soft soil is available only on the vehicular traffic safari route. This is the reason that whenever trekking is done in the jungle, the tigers' marks are raised from this soft soil.

The biggest attraction in the Ranthambore Sanctuary is the tiger. For this reason, tourist vehicles start searching for tigers as soon as they enter the forest. In such a situation, if these vehicles find a tiger moving on the route, then the tourist vehicles present there surround the tiger from both the front and back and sometimes take the vehicle closer to see it closer, Seeing the path blocked, the tiger either leaves the path and goes into the bushes or runs to overtake Safari vehicles.

People claim that the tigress ran furiously behind the canter for the attack, but looking closely at the video, the case appears to be another.

People believe that this viral video is being viewed incorrectly. Some people are plotting to defame the tigress Sultana, calling the tigress's normal run an attack.

On Saturday, the video of the tigress Sultana being promoted by tourists on Zone number one of the Ranthambore Sanctuary is clear that the tigress was coming straight on the way and the canter was a short distance away. Due to bushes on both sides of the road, the tigress could not find a way to go further.

Suddenly, the tigress, leaving a soft soil path, caught the path of bushes from the side of the canter and ran and tried to overtake the canter. But the canter driver hurriedly drove the canter, causing the tigress to run a few steps to a spot and turn back and run on the same path. It is being wrongly promoted by some people that the tigress has been aggressively chasing Canter twice in a row, which is not seen in the video. Whereas the truth is that the tigress ran into the bushes to cross it, not behind the canter. If she had to attack the canter, she was so close to the canter that she could get inside the canter in a single leap, but this whole incident is not about the tigress getting aggressive and running behind the canter, rather, crossing the canter was the event of the tigress running to overtake the canter.

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