Two new cubs were seen with parents in the water pool at Ranthambore on the summer day

T-59 ( Second from the left) and T-62 ( extreme right) with their two cubs relaxing in a water pool at Ranthambore National Park

Two new cubs were seen with parents in the water pool at Ranthambore on the summer day:

On Saturday June 2, 2018, the tourists witnessed Tigress T-59, Tiger T-62 and their ten month old two cubs at zone 9 of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Tiger family gives a pleasant surprise in Ranthambore National Park.

Forest officials say that seeing the whole tiger family together is rare in Ranthambore. For the first time at zone 9 in the Quwalji area of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the tiger T62 and tigress T59, along with the family, were seen with their nearly ten month old cubs.

The credit for capturing these rare moments in camera goes to Abhishek Chaudhary, the visitor from Patna, a wildlife photography enthusiast. Abhishek Chaudhary is a regular visitor to Ranthambore National Park. In the morning jungle safari shift on Saturday, this tourist of Patna not only saw only one or two tigers, but also a whole family of tigers – T-62 father and T-59 mother and their two cubs. They were resting in a water pool in Zone 9 of the Ranthambore.

According to the tourist Abhishek – "Tiger sighting in Zone 9 is very rare. I have seen the male tiger T-62 once before but I could not see female tiger T-59. Therefore, I have been visiting Zone 9 to try my luck from the last few months. Fortunately, on Saturday, I not only saw male tigerT-62 but his entire family, including tigress T-59 and their ten-month-old two cubs. For the first time I saw Tiger T-62 which was walking towards the water hole. Then, after a few minutes, I saw one of his cubs who was already sitting near the water hole. This was the time when I thought that if one cub is here, the other will also be in close contact with his mother. So, I waited almost half an hour. Then, I saw the whole family, they relaxed in the water hole, was relieved from heat."

Tulsiram Meena, forest ranger of the Phalodi range of the Ranthambore National Park says that we have spotted them before, individually and sometimes in the pair, but this is for the first time that a tourist has spotted the entire family together. This happen very rarely.

T-59 is the young tigress of the area. She is the daughter of T-31 aka Indu. T-31 is a shy tigress to turn around in the Indala area. This tigress has been living her entire life in non-tourism zone Indala Valley. So there is very little information about her life. Tigress T-31 gave birth to two female cubs. After being sub-adult of both the cubs, they were given the name T-59 and T-60 by the forest department. And after being adult, both the cubs separated from their mother, T-31. Tigress T-59 is one of them cubs and she has been settled at tourism zone 9 in Ranthambore Tiger reserve.

In 2013, T-62, male tiger, left for Bundi Forest area. The reason for this tiger's exit from Ranthambore was threatened by powerful Fateh (T-42), his brother Surjan (T-43) and his father Kumbha (T-34) of 62. In 2016, he returned to retaliate to cover the distance of about 130 km to withdraw his territory, which led to Fateh's escape from the area.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, which is currently home to more than 65 tigers. It was declared as Sawai Madhopur Game sanctuary in 1955. And in 1973 it was included in the 'Project Tiger' scheme by the Government of India. In 1980, Ranthambore emerged on the map of the world as a national park.

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