Conflicts between Two Male Tigers for the Tigress T-39 in Ranthambore

Tigress T-39 Noor : Photo By Qureshi Guddu

There is a case of mutual conflict between two tigers once again in Ranthambore. Tigress Noor T-39 caused a battle of life and death between two male tigers in Ranthambore National Park . This time this conflict happened between Tiger T-34 (Kumbha) and Tiger T-57.

The incident of mutual conflict of tigers is being reported on Wednesday June 19, 2019. Both tigers have been injured in mutual conflicts. However, continuous monitoring of both tigers is being done from the forest department.

There can be two reasons for this struggle of tigers. The first reason is the attraction of the tigress and the second reason infiltrating in another area. This is the reason that the team of the Forest Department had to undergo surgery to save the lives of a tiger injured in the conflict between two male tigers in Ranthambore last day.

Conflict was on the Zone 1 and Zone 6 border

According to the information received from the forest department, there has been a conflict between Tiger T-34 and T57 near an anicut on the border of Zone 1 and Zone 6. Tiger T-34 has suffered a foot injury in this struggle while the tiger T 57 has an injury near the ear.

In Ranthambore, two male tigers, T-34 and T-57 are becoming enemies of each other. It is believed that the tigress T39 aka Noor is the reason behind this hostility.

Conflicts due to tigress T 39

Tigress T-39 Noor in Ranthambore : Photo BY Mohan Singh

These days this tigress is making distances from the area of ​​T-57 and she is infiltrating in the T-34 area. In such a situation, Tiger T-57 does not want to see this tigress (T39) with Tiger T-34. Tiger T-57 had been living with Tigress T-39 for a long time, now it is knocking in the T-34 area for the Tigress T-39 (Noor). With this, T-34 is facing crisis in its own area with the presence of other male tiger in its area.

According to sources, Tiger T-34 was mating with the Tigress T-39 (Noor) for the last four days. Tiger T-34 (Kumbha) marks his territory from zone six to zone one. This is his roaming area. During the night, on the border of Zone 6 and Zone 1 of Ranthambore, Tiger T-34 (Kumbha) and Tigress T-39 (Noor) were intercourse. Meanwhile Tiger T-57 reached there. In such a situation, probably there was a conflict between the two tigers about the tigress.

Tiger T-34 was injured

Tiger T-34 Kumbha : Photo by Mohan Singh

In this fight, the tiger T-57 was heavy on Tiger T-34 Kumbha). T-34 injuries occurred in this fight. Due to the serious injury, Forest Department's rescue team tranquilized Tiger T-34 and the tiger had to be treated.

Mukesh Saini, Deputy Forest Officer of Ranthambore Tiger Project, says that a case of mutual conflict between two male tigers has emerged. Tiger T-34 is being lame. T-57 is also hurt. Tigers are being constantly monitored.

It is now to see that in the coming days, the conflict between these two tigers is fierce, or one leaves the area and retreats. The department is still confused about these tigers.

Tigers own law in the forest

Male tiger T-57 and female tiger T-39 are doing mating : Photo Unknown

According to the Tiger and wildlife expert, Tiger is the solitary living creature in the forest. It has been seen so far that if a male tiger goes to the area of ​​the other male tiger, then he does not tolerate it. Similarly, if a tigress goes in the other tigress area, then she does not tolerate the other tigress. But if there is a male tiger in the female tiger area and a Tigress goes into a male tiger territory, then there is no problem with them.

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It is clear that the female does not tolerate seeing the other female tiger in her area and the male does not tolerate other male tiger in his area. Whereas male tiger does not have any problem with female tiger and female tiger does not have any problem with male tiger. The condition is that the tigress should not be with its cubs. In this situation, the tigress neither tolerates the other female tiger nor the other male tiger. Tigress's cubs are threatened by other tigers. Because of seeing her cubs in danger, she collides till the last breath.

Challenge for T-34 (Kumbha)

Tigers rule in the forest is that if any male tiger is seen in the other male tiger's area, then it means that there is a challenge to evacuate the already existing other tiger area. Either leave the area or compete with the battle of death and life. This is the reason that male Tiger T-57 has given a double challenge to other male Tiger T-34.

The first challenge to evacuate the area and the second challenge to stay away from T39 Noor, In this case, T-34 is not moving away from these two challenges. As a result, over the last several days, there has been a conflict between these two powerful young male tigers.

After all, why did T-39 "Noor" leave her area
Noor T 39 and kumbha T 34 mating : Photo By Qureshi Guddu

As far as the Tigress T-39 is concerned, this tigress was originally with Sultanpur of Ranthambhore and she lived with the male tiger T57 on Zone 2. The Tigress T-39 gave birth to two female cubs in her previous litter. But now because of her daughters being grown, her daughters started challenging Tigress T39.

In such a situation, under the pressure of her own daughters, the Tigress T39 left her area and started looking for new areas. In the surrounding areas, the other tigresses were already ruled by. Because of which she could not go there. In this case, the Tigress T-39 reached the areas behind of Zone 1 and 6 in Ranthambore National Park. These backside areas include the Mor Dungari, Kundal and Chhdi Kho. At that time there was no movement of any tigress in these areas and this was a good opportunity for her and she made her territory there.

But here the male tiger T-34, who is completely young and about 10 years old, is already living here. As soon as this tigress Noor came into his territory, he began to exercise his authority over it. On the other hand, when the tigress T-39 (Noor) left its old area, the T-57, which is almost 12 years old, also came in the T-34 area.

Tiger T 57 Ranthambore : Photo by Unknown

This whole incident has been described by a nature guide from Ranthambore on social media in this beautiful manner –

The battle fought between the Maharanaas (T 34 and T57) of Ranthambore Zone 1 and 6 was so fierce and horrific that even the "War of Panipat" and" War of Haldighati" recorded in the pages of history could get faded.

However, wealth, women and property are of great importance in the life of every creature in the world. If it is said that the entire life of every creature revolves around these three things, then there will be no exaggeration in it. But the importance of "woman" is paramount in all these three things.

Ever since Ranthambore's famous tigress T-39 has made available the location of her three daughters to live, since then she has been living her life after being homeless. About 7-8 months ago, for the first time in the neighborhood, she saw T-8's handsome husband T-34 and gave her heart to this pretty tiger. Then it happened that the Tigress T-8 "Laadli" and both of them Prince "Jai" and "Veeru" attacked their step mother. They attacked their stepmother several times. But in the love of T-34, the crazy T-39 got heavier on three. And from time to time she beat the three, they remembered their maternal grandmother.

Tigress Noor T 39 did not even pity on this, but also grabbed half of the neighboring Tigress T-8's house. Seeing all this, both the prince remained silent. Because they knew that their stepmother received full support from their father T-34 and their father has become blind in the love of T-39 (Noor). In the love of T-39, the blind T-34 had told his ex-queen and both the princes, that "if you all want to live in my house, then you have to accept the new Queen Noor".

Then what was left. ….. From the last 7-8 months, newly married couple was busy celebrating honeymoon in every fifteen-to-thirty days in the beautiful valleys of Ranthambore Zone 1 and 6.

But Gandharva marriage or love marriage too has many limitations and principles………..For the past two to four days, the new couple was immersed in honeymoon in Ranthambore's natural beauty and charming places. Meanwhile, Noor's ex-husband, T-57, arrived there. He saw his former queen in the arms of an alien man, he turned red with anger. Seeing this, the ground slipped beneath his feet. Then what was left. …….. He did not see anything in anger and attacked on T-34 (Kumbha) like electricity. There was a fierce battle between the two kings. This war caused an outcry in the entire forest. The rivalry between the two tigers was so high that it can not be told. Both tiger's strengths and battle-skills were worth seeing. Both tigers wanted to be called heroes of war land by fighting with great masculinity.

One side, in the eyes of a lover, the new girlfriend and the future of the flourishing family were dreams and on the other hand, the husband of unfaithful wife. But wow! The power of true love…… The power of true love can make the mountain sand, extract the water from the desert, and tilt the sky into its feet. And the same happened, love became overwhelming on relationships. The Tiger T57 became helpless in front of his wife lover T-34. Tiger T 57 was injured in the war and lost his right ear. Since, Tiger T57 escaped from the battlefield by saving his nose. Thus, T-34(Kumbha) not only won in the war but also succeeded in taking the new Queen from the battlefield.

Ratio of male and female tiger deteriorating in Ranthambore – cause of conflict

The growing family of tigers in Ranthambore is providing relief. But on the other hand the tiger-tigress ratio is worsening, due to which the incidents of conflict between the tigers are coming in the day. In Ranthambore there is less number of tigresses than tigers.

Three times larger area than tigress

T 34 and T 39 in Ranthambore : Photo by Qureshi Guddu

The male tiger has a three times larger area than the female tiger. Wildlife experts believe as per the rules it is necessary to have three tigresses on a tiger. The male tiger area is considered three times bigger than the female tiger in the forest. But in Ranthambore, this ratio has now worsened, due to which the incidents of mutual conflict in Tigers are increasing.

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Earlier, there was a conflict about tigress between T-95 and T-86 in Jhoomar baori forest area. Both tigers were hurt in this fight. Similarly, there was a conflict between T-104 and T-64 in Berda forest area, in which T 104 was severely injured.

Conflict for the territory is also a reason

Due to the ever increasing number of tigers in Ranthambore, the area of ​​tigers is now decreasing. In this case, the tigers are either going out of the forest in search of territory or entering the other tiger area. This keeps the tigers in danger of mutual conflict.

The area of ​​Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is spread over 1700 sq. km. At present, there are about 68 tigers in the Ranthambore, which includes males, females and cubs. According to information received from the department, there are 25 male tigers, 25 female tigers and 18 cubs. In such a situation, due to the equal number of tigress and tigress, there are conflicts between the tigers.

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