The Tigress T-73 Appeared with Three Cubs in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress gives birth to 3 Cubs in Ranthambore National Park Read the full story about T 73 appeared with three new cubs:

There is good news from Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore National Park and especially Tiger lovers, there is another reason to celebrate. One of the tigers of this famous National Park of India, Tigress T-73 gave birth to three cubs and was recently spotted with them. The cubs are about four months old.

In the non-tourism zone of Ranthambore National Park, three cubs with Tigers T-73 were captured in photo trap camera on Saturday late night. This is the second time when T-73 has given birth to cubs. Wildlife officials came to know about this good news through a trap camera which was installed in non-tourist areas. T-73 is a shy tigress and is famous among tourists and wildlife lovers.

In view of security, team of forest personnel has been deployed in the area. In order to ensure the safety of the cubs and to ensure that there is no harm to the cubs, the concerned authorities have taken various measures of security in those areas and the surrounding areas where the cubs were last seen. Patrol has been increased in the area for the cubs. Forest guards are constantly engaged in tracking the tigress.

According to DCF Mr. Mukesh Saini, "this is good news for the population of tigers in Ranthambore. A few days ago we had information that there are new cubs in the reserve, but it could not be proved. Some pagmarks were seen but it was not certain they were from new cubs. "

About two months ago, the villagers had also given information to the forest officials to notice new cubs with tigress. At that time the villagers had told forest officials about having two cubs with a tigress. Since then, continuous trekking was being done by the Forest Department. Only one cubs was seen with tigress in Darra region by Forest Guards. After this the department installed cameras in the area and now the tigress T 73 was seen with three cubs.

About Tigress T 73

The Tigress T-73 belongs to the famous Tiger family of Ranthambore and is the daughter of famous Tigress T-17, named after the "Sundri". Apart from T-73, another tigress named T-60, also known as Junior Indu, was seen with her cub a month ago. T-73 belongs to the famed Machhli family. She is the daughter of Machli's (T16) daughter Sundari (T 17).

T-73 was born in 2012. Her mother, T-17 (Sundari) gave birth to two males and one female in her first litter. At that time, the male tiger T25 (Dollar) lived with T 17(Sundari) in that area and then it is likely that he is the father of these cubs. T-73 is one of them female Tiger. The Tigress T-73 is known for his shy nature and she lives in the kachida valley area of ​​Ranthambore National Park Zone No. 5.

Population of tigers in Ranthambore

According to the latest available data, Ranthambore National Park has total 71 tigers. These include 25 tigers, 25 tigress and 21 cubs, whereas the total number of tigers in the whole Rajasthan state is 91. Sariska Tiger Reserve is another famous wildlife park in Rajasthan, where the total population of tigers is 16 and the total number of tigers in Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve is 4, including both tiger and cubs.

After the death of ST-16 due to heatstroke in Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) Rajasthan on June 8, 2019, it is good news of the arrival of new cubs for wildlife conservationists. The seven-year-old male tiger ST-16 (Which was known as T 75 in Ranthambore.) was the son of tigress T-17 (Sundari) ,which was transferred from Ranthambore National Park (RNP) to Sariska Tiger Reserve ( STR) in April 2019 to balance the male-female tiger population.

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