Exploring Ranthambore National Park with Maruti Suzuki's Jimny: An Exhilarating Safari Experience

Maruti Suzuki's Jimny

Ranthambore National Park, located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, India, is a wildlife enthusiast's paradise. Spread over an area of approximately 1,334 square kilometers, the park is known for its diverse wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and, most notably, its thriving tiger population. For years, tourists have embarked on thrilling safaris in open-top vehicles like the Gypsy to witness the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat. However, a new and exciting chapter has begun as the park introduces an alternative safari vehicle called Jimny, promising a unique and unforgettable safari experience like never before.

Jimny Takes the Spotlight: An Exciting Shift in Ranthambore's Safari Experience

Tourists will do safari in Jimny instead of Gypsy in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. In fact, after the production of Gypsy is stopped, preparations are being made by the Forest Department and NTCA to operate Maruti Suzuki's Jimny in place of Maruti's Gypsy to take tourists on safari in the Tiger Reserve. Significantly, Jimmy is also a vehicle of the company that made Gypsy. This vehicle is also four by four like Gypsy. However, instructions have also been given by NTCA to the concerned company to make partial changes in Jimny. Only after this Jimmy can be operated in the Tiger Reserve.

In this regard, NTCA has recently written a letter to the officials of Tiger Reserves across the country seeking information about the estimated number of vehicles in their respective Tiger Reserves.

After this, a letter has been written by the Forest Department of Ranthambore to NTCA regarding the requirement of 300 Maruti Suzuki's Jimny. Now further action in this regard will be taken by NTCA only after getting the data from other tiger reserves.

Churning for a long time

The churning has been going on for a long time. Big changes may soon be seen in the tourist vehicles carrying tourists to Tiger Reserves across the country including Ranthambore. In this regard, an exercise has been started by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). After the production of Gypsy was stopped, the Forest Department was looking for an alternative to Gypsy for many years.

For this, earlier the vehicle of another vehicle manufacturer was also marked by the Forest Department. But the matter could not materialize due to the high cost of the said vehicle.

Sandeep Chowdhary, Deputy Conservator of Forests (Tourism), Ranthambore Tiger Project, has said that Jimny has been selected by NTCA as an alternative to Gypsy. How many vehicles are required from our side? Its information has been sent to NTCA. The final decision has to be taken by NTCA.

Ranthambore will be Gypsyless in 2026

In fact, the automaker had stopped the production of Gypsy in 2016 itself. The last time a new Gypsy was brought to Ranthambore was in 2016. Earlier, the model condition of tourist vehicles in Ranthambore was five years. In such a situation, a gypsy and canter could be operated in the tiger reserve only for five years. But after the production of Gypsy was stopped, the model condition was increased by the forest department to first seven years and then to 10 years. In such a situation, the existing gypsies can be operated in Ranthambore till 2026. But in the current model condition, all Gypsies will be out of the park in 2026. It may be noted that at present 269 gypsies are operating in Ranthambore. 

Maruti Suzuki's Jimny

Introducing Jimny: The Ultimate Safari Companion

Jimny, the latest addition to Ranthambore's safari fleet, is a specially designed all-terrain vehicle that aims to enhance the safari experience for tourists. Unlike the traditional Gypsy, Jimmy provides a more comfortable and secure ride, equipped with modern amenities, big space for better views. The vehicle is driven by expert drivers who are not only knowledgeable about the park's wildlife but also trained to navigate through the rugged terrains safely.

One of the primary reasons for introducing Jimny as an alternative to the Gypsy is to reduce the ecological impact on the park's delicate ecosystem. With stricter guidelines in place to protect the wildlife and their habitats, Jimny's low-impact design ensures a more eco-friendly safari experience.

The Allure of Safari in Jimny

Safari in Jimny offers a plethora of benefits that elevate the overall experience for tourists. Here are some of the key reasons why more and more visitors are opting for Jimny over the conventional Gypsy:

  • Comfort and Safety: Jimny's ergonomic design and spacious interiors provide unmatched comfort during the safari. The cushioned seats and suspension system reduce jolts and bumps, ensuring a smooth ride. Additionally, the vehicle's robust build adds an extra layer of safety, assuring tourists a worry-free adventure.
  • Enhanced Wildlife Viewing: Maruti's Jimny offer unobstructed views of the park's diverse flora and fauna. Tourists can enjoy unhindered glimpses of the magnificent tigers, elegant leopards, graceful deer, and a myriad of other creatures that call Ranthambore their home.
  • Eco-Friendly Experience: With its environmentally conscious design, Jimny plays a crucial role in minimizing the ecological impact on the park. The reduced noise pollution and less invasive presence of the vehicle allow the animals to behave more naturally, making for a more authentic safari encounter.
  • Exclusive Guided Tours: Jimny accommodates smaller groups of tourists, ensuring a more personalized and intimate safari experience. This allows guides to cater to individual interests and preferences, making the journey even more rewarding.
  • Accessible for All: Jimny's accessibility features make it a more inclusive option for tourists, including elderly individuals and those with mobility challenges. Everyone can now partake in the adventure and witness the unparalleled beauty of Ranthambore.

Responsible Tourism and Sustainability

While the introduction of Jimny marks a significant step forward in providing an improved safari experience, it is essential to prioritize responsible tourism and sustainability. Park authorities have implemented strict guidelines to ensure that tourists adhere to the rules and regulations that protect the wildlife and their natural habitats.

Tourists must refrain from littering and maintain a respectful distance from the animals to avoid causing any distress. Additionally, the number of safari vehicles allowed in the park is regulated to minimize disturbance to the wildlife.


Embarking on a safari in Ranthambore National Park is an extraordinary experience that connects tourists with nature in its purest form. The introduction of Maruti's Jimny as an alternative to the traditional Gypsy has opened up new possibilities for an unparalleled wildlife adventure. Its comfort, safety, and eco-friendliness make it an attractive choice for tourists seeking an immersive and responsible safari encounter.

As the popularity of Jimny grows, it is crucial to maintain a delicate balance between tourism and conservation. By adhering to responsible practices and supporting sustainable initiatives, visitors can contribute to the preservation of Ranthambore's unique ecosystem, ensuring that future generations can also revel in the marvels of this wildlife sanctuary. So, the next time you plan a visit to Ranthambore, hop aboard Jimny, and prepare for a truly unforgettable journey into the heart of the wild. 

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Guest - Anirudh Chaturvedi on Saturday, 29 July 2023 17:25

I just love jimmny

I just love jimmny
Guest - Gaurav on Sunday, 06 August 2023 17:21

Would be a great option and a success if it's AC is used in Apr May June for safaris. Will be a big increase in comfort.

Would be a great option and a success if it's AC is used in Apr May June for safaris. Will be a big increase in comfort.
Guest - John on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 11:55

Better if Jimny had a open soft top

Better if Jimny had a open soft top
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