Forest workers protest against the government in Ranthambore, tourists are facing trouble

Forest personnel stopping tourist vehicles in Ranthambore

News Update on 11 February 2023 : After the assurance of the government, the forest workers have postponed the picket.

In Ranthambore National Park, forest workers protested against the government, due to which tourists are facing trouble for safari. In Ranthambore, the forest employees have taken a tough stand regarding their 15-point demands. In this episode, the main gate of Ranthambore National Park was locked on Thursday, 9 February 2023.

At the same time, due to this, the tourists visiting the park in the evening shift were in trouble. With this, a grand march was made at the main entrance. Forest workers from seven other districts including Sawai Madhopur have participated in this Mahapadav (mega event) of forest workers. During this time, slogans are being raised against the government by putting a big camp at the entrance of Ranthambore.

State President of Rajasthan Subordinate Forest Employees Union, Bhupendra Singh Jadaun says that till the government does not fulfill their 15-point demands, till the government does not hold any talks with their delegation. Till then his movement will continue. Jadaun says that the main entrance of 9 Centuries including Ranthambore was locked. Until their demands are met, no tourist vehicle will be allowed to enter Ranthambore. 

Forest workers protest in Ranthambore

The forest workers sitting on the dharna (strike) said that the state government is not at all serious about the demands of the forest workers. Even after several talks with the government, the agreement made with the forest workers is not being implemented. In such a situation, the forest workers are forced to adopt the path of agitation.  

Forest personnel closed the main gate of the park in protest

Diverted the safari route of tourists

Forest department officials diverted the safari route of tourists. According to the information received from the Forest Department, due to the locking of the gate of Ganesh Dham by the forest personnel, the tourists going on tour in Zone 1 to 5 could not go on tour from Ganesh Dham . In such a situation, alternative arrangements were made by the Forest Department and the tourists going on safari in Zone 1 to 5 were sent on safari through Zone 6 and other routes. In such a situation, tourists going on safaris were diverted in both the morning and evening shifts.

Many tourist vehicles even reached Ganesh Dham in the morning but later due to the closure of the gate, they were diverted to other zones. Forest officials said that tourists going on safari in zones one to five were diverted and sent on safari in zones one and six to ten. Due to this the tourists also had to face trouble. 

Forest workers sitting on strike in Ranthambore

Forest workers also reached the gate of Zone 6 to 10 in the evening shift

According to the information received from the Forest Department, in order to prevent tourists from going on excursion in Zone 6 to 10 of Ranthambore in the afternoon shift, the forest workers also sat on a dharna (strike) at the gate of Zone 7 and 8 of Ranthambore. , The forest workers stopped the tourists going on safari at the gate itself.

However, later the forest officials used other routes to send tourists on safari. In such a situation, most of the tourists reached late on the safari. This disappointed the tourists. 

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