Famous Tigress T19 alias Krishna died in Ranthambore National Park

Sad news has come for wildlife lovers from Ranthambore. Tigress T-19, popularly known as Krishna in Ranthambore, died on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at around 12.30 pm near Lakdada Van Naka.. The age of the tigress was about 16 years.

According to the information received from the forest department, around 11 am, the forest officials were informed about the tigress being found dead in the Lakdada forest area of Kundera range. On information, Forest Department officials reached the spot and found the tigress's body in the Lakdada forest area, a short distance from Baba's Gufa.

On behalf of the forest department, the body of the tigress was taken into custody and brought to Rajbagh Naka in the city. After this, the veterinary doctors of the Forest Department conducted the post-mortem of the tigress's body and after that the last rites of the tigress were performed in the presence of forest and administrative officials. 

Tigress T 19 in Ranthambore

 Introduction of Tigress Krishna aka T-19

Tigress Krishna aka T-19 is the daughter of Machli aka T-16, the famous tigress of Ranthambore and Krishna's daughter is Arrowhead aka T 84 and Arrowhead's daughters are Riddhi aka T -124 and Siddhi aka T-125.

Tigress T19 was at the end of its life

According to the information received from the Forest Department, the age of the tiger-tigress is about 15 years, but the tigress Krishna had crossed the age of 16 years, but the age of the tigress was around 17 years.

At the same time, due to being physically weak in the last stage of age, the tigress could not hunt for many days, in such a situation, due to hunger, the tigress had become very weak physically.

Tigress T 19 Krishna in Ranthambore

The tigress was ill for the last 20 days

Forest officials said that due to being at the last stage of age, the tigress was ill for the last about twenty days and had become physically weak. In the last few days, the health of the tigress declined and there were marks of itching etc. in many places on the neck of the tigress. At the same time, the tigress was also having trouble walking. 

Tiger T-120 reached the area in the morning

Now the movement of young tiger T-120 has also taken place in the area of tigress T-19 ie Krishna. In fact, earlier this tiger used to roam in the RoPT range of Ranthambore, but since many days this tiger has come from RoPT to Kundera range.

On Wednesday, this tiger reached the area of Zone 4 where there was movement of old tigress Krishna for many days. According to the information received from the Forest Department, for the last several days, the movement of tigress Krishna was in Baba ki Gufa forest area of zone four, but on Wednesday morning the tiger T-120 was seen in Baba's Gufa forest area. On the other hand, a tigress was seen lying in the Lakdada forest area at some distance from Baba's cave.

Tigress Krishna said goodbye to the world
The Forest Department team performed the post-mortem of the tigress Krishna and performed the last rites

Krishna T 19 gave identity to Ranthambore after Machli T 16

When it comes to Ranthambore, everyone talks about Ranthambore's famous tigress Machli i.e. T-16. Tigress Machli had given birth to maximum number of cubs in Ranthambore. Not only this tigress T-16 ( Machli) had populated Sariska and other sanctuaries as well, but very few people know that the late Tigress T-19 of Ranthambore i.e. Krishna also followed in the footsteps of her mother.

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In Ranthambore, after Machli (tigress T-16), her daughter Krishna (tigress T-19) has given birth to the maximum number of cubs in Ranthambore. Significantly, the Machli gave birth to the maximum number of 16 cubs in Ranthambore. After this Krishna followed in the footsteps of her mother and gave birth to 12 cubs.

Krishna gave birth to 12 cubs

According to the information received from the forest department, tigress Krishna has given birth thrice so far. First of all, in 2012, tigress Krishna gave birth to four cubs. Two of them were male and two were female. However, one of these cubs was not seen later. After this, the tigress gave birth to four cubs in 2014 in Lahpur area of Ranthambore. After this, in 2019, the tigress was seen with four cubs.

The tigress Machli had also stopped eating and drinking at the last stage of its age

Krishna's mother Machli had also given up hunting at the last stage of her age and had camped for many days at one place in the Aama Ghati forest area. Actually tigress Machli had hunted crocodile in Ranthambore in the past, during that time her canine were broken, so she could not hunt it at the last stage of her life. The condition of tigress Krishna was also similar to this. And now tigress Krishna is dead. 

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