Watch shocking video: Tigress climbs tree to hunt leopard in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore's famous and oldest tigress T-39 Noor became aggressive when a leopard entered her territory. The tigress climbed the tree to hunt the leopard. This video is of 13 February 2023 in Zone 6 of Ranthambore National Park. Tourists who went on safari in the evening shift were mesmerized to see this amazing sight of tiger and leopard.

In fact, in zone number-6 of Ranthambore, the tourist's eye fell on the tigress Noor. There was also movement of leopard nearby. When the tigress saw the leopard roaming in her territory, the tigress attacked the leopard. She ran to hunt the leopard. Seeing the attack of the tigress, the leopard climbed the tree to save its life. The tourists were thrilled to see this 'encounter' of the two predatory animals. Tourists captured this amazing sight in their cameras.

Tigress climbed the tree in 8 seconds, 150 tourists were thrilled

In 8 seconds the tigress Noor climbed the tree to hunt the leopard. However the leopard quickly moved to the height of the tree. The tigress could not climb much higher. Around 150 tourists were present during this time. Let us inform that before this Tiger T-120 aka Yoddha has hunted a dog in just five seconds. At the same time, the tiger T120 has also hunted the leopard.

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Expert said, it is rare for a tigress to climb a tree

Wildlife experts say that the weight of a tiger is around 200 to 300 kg. Being heavy, tigers and tigresses cannot climb trees. Also, their body structure is made according to the big prey. The main preys of tiger are animals like sambar, deer, nilgai. Of these, the favourite prey of the Tiger is the Sambar Deer. That's why tiger cannot climb the tree. Leopard weighs around 80 to 90 kg. The body structure of the leopard is smaller than that of the tiger, due to which it can easily climb trees.

Difference in speed of tiger and leopard

A normal tiger runs at a speed of about 50 to 70 kilometres per hour while chasing its prey. At the same time, the leopard chases the prey at a speed of 50 to 60 km. The tiger's prey can be both large and small wildlife. Small chital (Deer) are often the prey of leopards.

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Tigress T 39 'Noor' became a mother at the age of 15

Tigress Noor T 39 has surprised wildlife lovers by becoming a mother in the last stage of her life. The age of the last stage of life of tigers is considered to be around 16 years but at the age of 15, tigress T-39 gave birth to two cubs in March 2022. Very few such cases have come to light in Ranthambore, when a tigress has become a mother at such an age. Earlier, at the age of 13, the tigress Machli had given birth to three cubs. 

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