New Tiger Cubs in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Ranthambhor National Park is the best wildlife tourist attraction for photographers and nature lover in summer. It draws attention of wildlife enthusiasts around the world for Tiger sighting and with surging heat; visitors make plan trip to Ranthambhore for photography and explore the wildlife. In summer days often all wildlife activities happen near the water bodies which is the best opportunity for observe the wildlife. 

Photo courtesy by Alan Seymour

Now days, there is big boom of tiger cubs in Ranthambore National Park. It is now a home to 61 tigers. March 2014 was very rejoiced for ranthambore when the tigress T-19 or krishna gave birth to four cubs. On the other hand those traveler were lucky when they saw T-08 or ladli with her two new born cubs on zone number 07 , which is known as also named by "chidi kho" in afternoon safari shift in Ranthambore Tiger reserve , although, Ranthambore is being enriching with tiger cubs. Few days ago, Tigress T-39 or Noor was sighted with couple of cubs on Ranthambore safari zone no.02 in reserve. She holds the status of being a mother of well known male tiger Sultan or T-72. She is the better half of male tiger Ustad (T-24), he is the most usually sighted tiger in Ranthambhore.

As per information there is internal strife between the few wildlife enthusiasts and Forest department more than the total count of the tiger population in the national park. According to the Forest department the accurate survey is 61 tiger which is adamant while many wildlife devotees consider that there are total numbers of tiger is about 45 in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. They give hints by virtue of tiger poaching; however we cannot ignore any kind to effort of the forest department for saving the tigers and other wildlife. Department of forest have made accurate number of tiger with surety and the details of the tiger counting is documented. Well, we just continue celebrate for new members in Ranthambore and hope that Ranthambhore tiger reserve is safe place for wildlife.

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Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History


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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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