Ranthambore National Park Tiger T-75 relocated to Sariska Tiger Reserve

Today, on April 15, 2019, the male Tiger T-75 of Ranthambore has been shifted to Sariska Tiger Reserve. Now this Tiger T 75 of Ranthambore will be the new Sultan of Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR). Tiger T-75 is the son of Ranthambore famous Tiger T-17 aka Sundari.

It is good news for wildlife lovers that T-75, son of the favorite and famous Tigin T-17 aka Sundari in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, will now be seen in Sariska Tiger Reserve of Alwar. By the way, there are already many tigers in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. But now the appearance of Tiger T-75 will increase the beauty of the Sariska Reserve.

Mr. Manoj Parashar, Field Director, Ranthambore said that around 8 am this morning, about 7 years old male tiger T-75 has been tranquilized from Bhid forest area of ​​Ranthambore. After this, the team of veterinary doctors tested the Health of Tiger T75. After this the forest department team closed the tiger in the cage and left for Sariska Tiger Reserve.

During this operation, DFO of Ranthambore Mukesh Saini, Sariska DFO Seduram Yadav, local Advisory Committee members Daulat Singh Shaktawat were present.

Tourists in Sariska Tiger Reserve can now enjoy the Tiger T75 of Ranthambore during the jungle safari. This tiger will be known as ST-16 in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Earlier, 9 tigers have been shifted from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) to Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR).

It is worth mentioning that on April 12, 2019, the team of forest department has shifted the Tigress Lightning T-83 from the forest of Ranthambore to Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve in kota. The Tigress T83 aka lightning was also a favorite of tourists in Ranthambore.

Tiger T-75 is also related to the world famous Tigress T-16 aka Machli family. Tigress T-17 is the daughter of T-16 aka Machli. In the year 2012, the Tigress T-17 gave birth to two males and one female in her first litter. This male tiger T75 is one of those two male cubs. Tiger T-25 aka Dollar is considered to be the father of these cubs. His siblings were given the T74 and T-73 numbers by the forest department. It is T74 male and T-73 is female.

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