Ranthambore Tiger T-91 Mirza became the Sultan of Mukundra

Tiger T91 Mirza Ranthambore National Park

Once bitten twice shy, something like this is with male Tiger T-9 1 aka Mirza. This tiger has been shifted to Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve from the Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary of Bundi district on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Last year, after suffering from Porcupine quills, Tranquilize, T91 aka Mirza also discomposed the team of the forest department in Ramgarh. After all, for several days, the forest department's team was sitting tightly to catch the tiger, got success on Tuesday. The situation was that the officers and staff involved in the team had once given up hope of tranquilized this tiger.

At four o'clock in the morning, the team of forest department was waiting for the tiger in the Ramgarh Sanctuary of Bundi, and then team felt some bustle there. There was Tiger T91 Mirza in front of them. He was slowly moving towards the bait (buffalo), which the forest department tied for him. The Tiger reached near buffalo and hunted it. This was the only chance for the forest department's team to tranquilize the tiger. The team of forest department was ready then the team hit a dart to the Tiger by a tranquilizer gun. As soon as the dart hit on the body of the tiger, he ran little bit, But then he started getting unconscious and in a while he became unconscious. Thus, In order to move the tiger to Mukundra, the team of forest department had to wait for several days and finally got success.

In the afternoon around at 12.48, the Tiger T91 was released into enclosure at Darrah in Mukundra hills Tiger Reserve. Before this, the tiger was tranquilized at Randa Khurd area in the Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary of Bundi at 4:30 in the morning. At around 7:30 in the morning, the team of forest department took him and left for Mukundra.

In the local team of the Forest Department, under the leadership of CCF Y. K. Sahu, there were Vikas Meena, Rajveer Singh, Dr.Rajeev Garg, Dharmendra Khandal , Govardhan Meena etc.

Tiger T-91 aka Mirza was tranquilized at around 4:30 in the morning. Twenty minutes after tranquilized, the tiger came into the senses. The team put the tiger in the cage and just five minutes after, Tiger got into the sensation. The team left the Randa Khurd with the tiger and they reached Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve via Bundi, Talde and Kota. During this time the vehicles of the Forest Department were running along with the convoy.

The proceeding of tranquilizing the tiger was carried out like this.

At 4.00 AM: Tiger T-91 Mirza reached near bait (Buffalo)
At 4.15 AM: The tiger hunted the buffalo
At 4.30 AM: Forest Department team tranquilized the Tiger
At 5.15 AM: Veterinary doctors examined the tiger
At 5.30 AM: The tiger was caged by the team
At 7.15 AM: The team of forest department left for Mukundra with the tiger
At 12.30 PM: Team of Forest Department reached the enclosures made in Darrah of Mukundra
At 12.48 PM: The tiger was left in the enclosure

Tiger T91 Mirza with kill
Forest Officials with Tiger T91
Tiger T 91 shifting
Tiger T91 Mirza at Mukundra

Last year it was tranquilized by Forest Department

In the year 2017, Tiger T91 aka Mirza was wounded by the porcupine quills in the nose and chest. In such a situation, his life was in danger. Neither tiger was eating anything nor drinking water. During this time the tiger was tranquilized at Kaccha Chata area in Ranthambore National Park and the Porcupine quills were removed.

The story of Tiger T 91 in Ranthambore

Tiger T-91 aka Mirza is the cub of T30 aka Husn-Ara of Ranthambore. Tiger T-91 was born in the fourth litter of T-30. Tiger T 91 was born in Thumka terrain of the Khandar range in the fourth litter of T30 from metering with T-3 "Bahadur". Its territory was the Gilai Sagar and JelKhoah of Khandar . On June 3, 2016 it was named by the Ranthambore Forest Department and named as T 91. In local people of the area, it is famous as Mirza. This tiger has also been with Tigress T84 "Arrowhead" in Zone 3 of Ranthambore. After the struggle of other tigers, it was living in Ramgarh sanctuary of Bundi district for almost five months.

After being cubs of Tigress T 83 aka Lightning, the Forest Department is considering leaving the Tigress T-84 aka Arrowhead in Mukundra. The main reason for this is that this Tigress Arrowhead T84 has already lived with T-91 "Mirza". In such a situation, there will be no problem for both of them to stay in the new place. At the same time, soon there will be increase of tiger populations in Mukundra hills Tiger Reserve.

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