Tigress T-83 Lightning appeared with two cubs: Wave of happiness in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T-83 Lightning Ranthambore : Photo courtesy ‎Kishore Sabareeshan‎

Tigress T-83 lightning gave birth to two cubs in Ranthambore National Park. Tigress has been sighted with two cubs in Aama Ghati area. Wildlife lovers once again became happy. On Saturday, March 31, 2018 the tigress T-83 aka lighting has been seen with two cubs near the Zone 5 of Ranthambore in the Aama valley by the forest department staffs. Listening to the news of the birth of cubs in Ranthambore, there is a wave of happiness among wildlife lovers. Where the wildlife lovers and departmental officials are excited from the birth of the cubs, On the other hand, forest department is worried about the safety of the cubs. Tigress T-83 is being tracked by the forest department employees for this. The age of the cubs is being told about two to three months.

With the birth of the tiger cubs, the number of tigers has increased in Ranthambore. At present, there are about 67 tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. According to information received from the forest department, now there are 20 males, 25 females and 22 cubs included in Ranthambore.

Tigress T-83 lightning is daughter of T-19 krishna and she is granddaughter of world famous tigress Machli aka T-16. Tigress T-19 Krishna is known as an icon of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Krishna T-19 gave birth to 4 cubs in her second litter in 2014. But later, unfortunately, one of four cubs had died and only three cubs were survived. T-83 is one of them tigress.

Tiger shifting case from Ranthambore
Ranthambore Tigress T 83 Lightning will not increase the glory of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve. In the past, three tigers were marked for shifting to Mukundra Tiger reserve by the Forest department, in which the name of the Tigress T83 was included, but after seeing the tigress with the cubs, the forest department has changed its decision, and the possibility of shifting this tigress is almost over. Forest Department does not want to take the risk of tigress T83 shifting in Mukundra. Now the department has begun to look for another tigress to send to Mukundra Reserve. The name of the Tigress T84 "Arrowhead" is at the top of this list. Tigress T84 aka Arrowhead is the sister of Tigress T83 Lightning. Since becoming a mother of Tigress Arrowhead T84, her cubs have not been seen. Although efforts are being made to track the cubs on behalf of the department, but success has not been achieved yet. In such a situation, the fear of death of the cubs is being expressed. Significantly, three tigers have to be shifted from Ranthambore to Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve of Kota.

Update on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Changes in behavior of tigress T-83 Lightning

Tigress T 83 left her hungry cubs in the farm and Tigress has not taken care of these cubs for the last six days. These cubs are alone in the farm near Amma Ghati area. This has increased the concern of the forest department and they are engaged in the security of the cubs.

According to the information, for the last six days, the tigress T-83 Lightning has left her two and a half months old cubs and went to another place. She is having mating with a tiger T-95. On the other hand, both the cubs of the tigress have been starving without the mother for six days. When the forest department officials came to know about this on Friday, their anxiety increased. In the absence of mother, the life of the cubs is in threatening. However, special attention is being given on these cubs by the forest department.

According to the Forest Department, first Tigress T83 Lightning had kept her cubs in the Amma Ghati forest area, but in the past days she came into the farm outside the forest with her cubs. The forest workers were tracking the tigress and her cubs, suddenly the tigress disappeared from there. Forest officials say that water has been provided for the cubs, but the cubs suckles of tigress, thereby eliminates their hunger, but the tigress is not there, the cubs are starving. Their situation looks unusual.

Forest officials say that usually the cubs can stay hungry for four days, but if they do not get food after this then the situation can worsen. In such a way the forest department will wait till Friday night, after this he will arrange food for cubs. Milk will be fed to the cubs as food.

Officials say that the tigress lightning has been seen with male Tiger T-95 in the Jhoomar Baori area. She is also doing sexual intercourse with him. Leaving the cubs and having mating with the tiger is beyond understanding. Although wildlife experts explain two reasons for this-

  1. Either the tigress has felt that Tiger T95 is a threat to the cubs. He wants to pressure on tigress to mating with him .If the tigress does not accompany him, and then he can kill the cubs. It may be that she is sexually mating with the tiger to avoid this danger.
  2. Another reason may be that the tigress T83 Lightning is naturally living with the tiger T-95. For this reason, she has left her cubs.

Update on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Tigress T83 returned to the cubs on the seventh day

Tigress T83 jumped from the forest boundary wall and came back to the cubs. The male tiger T 95 also followed the Tigress T83 lightning but the forest department team stopped him. The forest department personnel ran the jeep behind the tiger and drove the tiger from there to the forest. During the tracking of the Forest Department, tigress footprint found in the surrounding area, after this the forest department has got some relief. The team of forest department has installed five photo trap cameras in the fields and surrounding areas for the continuous tracking of tigress and cubs.

In Ranthambore National Park, the cubs were hungry without the mother in the farm near Ama Ghati forest area on Saturday. Although the tigress Lightning is now back to the farm. Forest workers who were involved in tracking, they have found the footprint of the tigress and its cubs around the fields. In the past, tigress T83 Lightning left her two cubs alone in the field and went towards the forest. After leaving the cubs of tigress, the forest department is engaged in their protection. This is a unique case of leaving the cubs in Ranthambore.

This is the first case in Ranthambore when a tigress left her cubs alone in the field outside the forest. Usually, the tigress never leaves the cubs alone and even when the cubs are small, does not even mating with other tigers. However, earlier in Ranthambore, after the death of the Tiger T17, the forest department had looked after both cubs Bina1 and Bina 2. Later these two cubs were shifted to Sariska tiger Reserve.

Update on Monday, April 9, 2018

After seven days, the cubs met their mother in the Aama Ghati area of Ranthambore

For the past six days, the Tigress T 83 cubs were starving in the fields without their mother's milk. After all, the cubs got their mother's milk. On Saturday afternoon around 1.30 pm Tigress had come towards the farm located on Ranthambore road, but after the tiger T-9 5 came behind the tigress, the tigress T-83 could not go to the cubs at the time. Tigress Lightening were walking around the farm. On Sunday at around five o'clock in the evening, the tigress returned to the farm and reached to the cubs. Since the past seven days, the cubs were separated from the mother and after the mother returned, the cubs breathed a sigh of relief.

Forest officials said that the tigress T83 lightning had come to the cubs at five o'clock in the evening and she stayed with the cubs in the field overnight. Tigress fed the cubs and after 4 o'clock in the morning she left the farm and again went towards the forest, because when the tigress returns to her cubs, the Tiger T-95 came back to the farm at about 3.30 AM. After this, the tigress went towards the Aama Ghati area around at 4.00 AM. At this time Tigers T-83 and Tiger T95 are walking together in Aama Valley forest area.

Usually tigress does not leave the cubs alone after birth. But due to the tiger's variance with the tigress, the tigress lightning left the cubs alone in the field to protect the cubs. Forest officers are serious about the safety of the cubs. After returning back to the forest of the tigress, Forest Department has appointed forest guards for monitoring the cubs. On the other side, male tiger T-95 and Tigress T-93 lightning are being tracked by one team.

Tigress T-83 Lightning with cubs in Ranthambore National Park Video 

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