Ranthambore's tigress T -117 appeared in Dholpur with two small cubs

Tigress T-117 with Cubs

Ranthambore News: good news for wildlife lovers. The tigress T-117 has given birth to two cubs outside the protected area in Dholpur region of Rajasthan. The tigress of Ranthambore has inhabited the forest of Dholpur. Once again the tiger clan has risen in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Fresh evidence has been found in Richada forest area of Dholpur. Ranthambore's tigress T-117 is captured in a photo trap camera with two cubs here.

Ranthambore's tigress T- 92's second daughter T -117 has been seen with three-month-old small cubs in the Richada forest area of the Sarmathura range in Dholpur. The area where the tigress gave birth to cubs is a developed area for social forestry in Dholpur.

Dholpur is adjacent to Ranthambore and Kaila Devi Sanctuary, where the tiger movement continues. With the increasing number of tigers in the Ranthambore wildlife Sanctuary, these tigers are getting acclaimed in Dholpur and Kaila Devi. In the past, tigers have come out of Ranthambhair to the border of Dholpur. But this is the first time that they have now camped here.

Even after the tigress is captured in a photo trap camera with the cubs, the forest department has also acted in action. Monitoring has been increased by the Forest Department regarding the safety of tigers and cubs. According to the information from the forest department, the cubs captured with the tigress T117 are about three months old. This is the first time that a tigress has given birth to cubs in the forests of Dholpur.

Old connection with Dholpur

In the past too, many times after leaving Ranthambore, tigers have reached Dholpur in search of territory. Earlier, the tiger T110 had camped in the Sarmathura range for several months. A few months ago, a tiger came out of Ranthambhore and reached Dholpur. At the same time, the dreaded tiger T-104 of Ranthambore has also reached Dholpur. However a few days later this tiger was back in Ranthambore.

The tigress T117 is known as Badli. Three-and-a-half-year-old Badli (T-117) came into the jungles of Dhaulpur after being separated from her mother Sundari (T-92) 10 months ago at the Kailadevi Sanctuary. Here she was constantly seen with the tiger (T-116). Tigress Badli aka T 117, along with Young Tiger (T-116), was seen in the jungles of Dholpur for quite some time.

"The tigress mated with T116 and gave birth to the cubs. A senior forest official said that teams have been deployed to carry out extensive monitoring in the area. DFO KC Meena says that around 10 trap cameras have been installed in the forests of Sarmathura range of Dholpur to monitor the movement of the Badli.

This is the second birth of the cubs recorded in the last one week in the Kailadevi and Dholpur regions. But this region surprisingly still does not fall under the Critical Tiger Habitat (CTH) category. The sighting of the tigress with two cubs is a wave of joy among wildlife lovers, including the Ranthambore Forest Administration.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2021