Tigress Riddhi injured in territorial fight in Ranthambore, tigress was rescued by stitching on tongue

Tigress Riddhi injured in territorial fight in Ranthambore

Ranthambore News:

In the territorial fight at Ranthambore, tigress Riddhi, who is the daughter of famous tigress Arrowhead T 84, was injured in the regional battle in the last days by her sister Siddhi. Tigress Riddhi's tongue was cut off in the fight and there were wounds in many places on the body. The forest department team put stitches on her tongue and rescued the tigress Riddhi. This is the first case in the country to rescue a tigress by stitching the tongue.

In the evening safari shift of 19 January 2021, there was a fight between tigress Riddhi and Siddhi over the area in Zone 3 of Ranthambore National Park. Tigress Riddhi got hurt during this territorial fight. In this fight, the two and a half year old tigress Riddhi was hit on the shoulders and the tongue was cut and the tigress was seriously injured.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2019, the tigress was tranquilized and treated by doctors in the presence of top officials. Riddhi, a female cub of tigress T-84 arrowhead, was treated by veterinarians. After this, tigress Riddhi was released into the forest.

The Forest Department team reached the forest at around eleven in the morning. After this, the forest department team got tigress sighting near Jogi Mahal and Raj Bag Talab and Padam Talab. Rajveer Singh, the Rescue Team in-charge of Forest Department, tranquilizes the tigress near Raj bag Lake of Ranthambore. After this, veterinarian Doctor Rajiv Garg and Doctor Chandraprakash Meena treated the tigress. Dr. Chandra Prakash Meena said that there was a wound on the right side of the cub's tongue, which was done surgically.

After treatment, the tigress was given a revival. According to information received from the forest department, the condition of the tigress is improving. As a precaution, tigress is constantly monitored by the forest department. 

 Worms were in the wound

According to the information, worms were found in the wound on the shoulder of the tigress. In such a situation it was necessary to treat the tigress. If the tigress had not been treated in time, there would have been a possibility of infection.

This is the first case of stitching on the tigress's tongue

The tigress's tongue was hanging from one side due to being cut off in battle. In such a situation, the veterinarians put about 12 stitches on the tigress's tongue during the treatment.

Veterinarian Rajeev Garg said that during the rescue operation across the country including Ranthambore, it was the first rescue operation of its kind to stitch on the tongue of any tiger. Earlier in Ranthambore, no tiger or tigress's tongue was stitched.

Stitches will heal automatically

Veterinarian Rajiv Garg said that the tigress will not have to do re-tranquilizers to cut the stitches. The tongue of the wild animals is rough, so the tigress' wound will heal automatically in a few days and the stitches will break automatically. This process will take three to four days. Till then the tigress will not be able to hunt and eat. Although the tigress is still full, she will not need food right now.

The next day the tigress appeared near Raj Bagh Lake

After treating the tigress from the forest department, the tigress appeared in Raj tiger area. After treatment, the forest department team is constantly monitoring the tigress.

According to information received from the forest department, the tigress was seen roaming in the Raj Bag area on the next day i.e. Wednesday at around seven in the morning. The tigress's condition is being described as better.

Events of tigress's rescue:

10: 30 AM - Forest Department officials and rescue team left for the forest.

11: 00 AM - Both teams reached the forest.

11:20 AM - The tigress has been sighted for the first time

12:11 PM - The tigress was traumatized and treated by the team.

12:45 Pm - The tigress was given a revival.

In the world-famous Ranthambore National Park, the tigers are fighting for their territory. The tiger is getting injured due to these territorial conflicts, which is also a matter of concern for the forest department. Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan is famous for Royal Bengal tigers. These days, Ranthambore's famous tigress T84 aka Arrowhead's daughter Riddhi and Siddhi is in conflict over the area. Recently, there was fierce fighting between the two tigress sisters over the territory. Tourists were quite happy seeing the fight of two tigers. But in this fight both tigers were hurt and tigress Riddhi was more injured. 

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