The Tigress T-60 appeared with the cub in Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T 60 with her Cub in ranthambore Zone 2

Ranthambore News: Recently the tigress T-60 aka Indu appeared with her cub in Safari Zone 2 of Ranthambore National Park. On 9 February 2021, the tourists who went on a jungle safari in the afternoon slot saw a tigress T 60 and a cub accompanying her near the water body on Zone 2 of Ranthambore National Park.

In which zone of Ranthambore is the area of tigress T60?

In Zone 2 of Ranthambore, the tigress T-60 was spotted with the cubs and the tourists cheered and at the same time there was a wave of joy among wildlife lovers. In the Ranthambore National Park, the shriek of the little cub once again echoed.

Tourists spotted tigress T-60 with a cub during Tuesday evening's innings in Gandhara Deh area of zone number two of Ranthambore. Many people also captured it on their camera. After the tigress is seen with the cub, the forest department is now monitoring the tigress.

A video of the cub with the tigress is also viral on social media. 

On the other hand, at Ranthambore, the sight of young cubs sparked a wave of joy among wildlife lovers. In Ranthambore, the tiger-tigress has now grown to 74. It has 25 tigers and 25 tigresses and 24 cubs.

Forest officials said that the tigress with which the cub has appeared. It is about two months old. Typically, tigers are rarely seen with two-month-old cubs. In such a situation, the possibility of other cubs with tigress can be seen soon. For this, photo-trap cameras are being installed in the area by the Forest Department.

Which tigress is tigress T-60 aka Indu?

The tigress T60 is a fairly young but recurring tigress of zone number 2 of Ranthambore. The tigress T-60 is the daughter of tigress T31. The tigress T60 is also known as Junior Indu. This tigress roams in the Lahpur Valley, Gandhara area. It has made most of its territory outside Tourism Zone 2 of Ranthambore.

What are tigress t-60 cubs?

Earlier, the tigress T-60 aka Indu gave birth to the four cubs. Including - T-97, T-98, T-99 and T-119. Of these 4 cubs, 2 are male and 2 are female.

The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is spread over 1700 square kilometers. It has a core area of 392 sq km with a Critical Tiger Habitat area of 1,342 sq km. Out of the total area of 1,700 sq km of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Only 600 sq km are suitable for tigers.

We should be aware that a tiger is a territorial animal and a female tiger would need about 15 to 20 square kilometers while a male tiger would cover an area of about three to four female tigers called its home range. 

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